Sunday, December 8, 2013

A new obsession, kitten update, and holiday cheer is officially here...

I have been drooling on-line over Christmas shadow boxes for months. I finally cracked and decided to make one myself. I used the sturdy bottom half from a box of Christmas cards (I should have mailed all the cards before stealing the box, but eh).There was glitter everywhere, and glue stuck to my shirt and leftover trim stuck to the glue and glitter all over that. Very glittery. Even the kitten had some glitter on her.
So now, along with all my other obsessions,  I am officially a shadow box addict. I now look at little cardboard boxes like some people might look at a t-bone steak or diamond jewelry.

The DH and I went to Frederick, MD on Saturday night to wander around and shop a little. It was cold out, but no wind! My favorite kind of winter weather. 

There were carolers, and lots of shoppers, and we discovered this sweet little bookstore called the Curious Iguana. 

But wait! I can hear you asking about our cute kitten. How is she? Why, she is exactly like owning a little velociraptor. She is the most kinetic creature on the planet. She stalks me. She attacks without warning. She flies through the air on her way to ripping apart some unsuspecting Christmas ornament.

(She is also very adorable, especially when she is asleep.)
Here she is stalking her prey. The Panda Express bag. Poor bag, it doesn't realize how close to danger it is.

Even Sophie, who outweighs the kitten by 90 pounds is worried that she's the velociraptor kitten's next victim.

Oh, no! She has attacked! Poor Panda Express! 

Sadly, Lyra the Velociraptor Kitten is victorious. Sophie the Gigantic Dog, is nowhere to be seen. We can only hope she escaped in time.

Here is a bag I attacked (thank you for introducing me to a new chocolate craving, Jim). If you feel like attacking a peanut butter cup, this is a good one. Justin's. I'm trying not to think about how good it was. 

It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas here. The tree is up, the lights are on, and what is left of the Christmas ornaments are hanging cheerily.
So far, the snowmen in their village have not incurred the wrath of Lyra the Velociraptor Kitten.
But their days are probably numbered.
Ho ho ho!


  1. Oh! Your shadow box is so adorable Pam, love it bunches! I've always wanted to make one too but I don't know where to find the little mini holiday goodies for the insides??? You've inspired me and I'm going to put on my sleuthing cap and go on a hunt for holiday cuteness.
    You're way ahead of me - haven't even pulled out one box of decorations yet. May start by getting down the Xmas mugs and have some cocoa and make a plan of attack.
    Poor Sophie, Lyra is quite the bundle of bouncies and flying through the air surprises. She must wonder what that whippersnapper is going to do next.
    Hope you're staying warm and cozy - what temp is it in MD?
    Happy Sunday! xoxoxo

  2. I LOVE your shadow box Pam ! ..... very sweet . and of course I got a big kick out of your kitten story and photos ....... Merry Christmas Pam

  3. I know what you mean about the boxes, I do the same. Your shadow box came out wonderful. Great photos of your kittens. Great post..

  4. Oh! I love your shadow box! I'm kinda surprised that it's Pink! it's adorable.
    I totally get your obsession. I've been collecting small boxes and even bought bars of soap rather than bodywash just so I could have the small box it comes in.
    (although I'm still not totally sure what they will become! LOL!)
    Your little Lyra sounds like such fun! Those calicos have BIG personalties.
    Sounds like you had fun in Frederick and I love the looks of that bookstore. My sister and one of my nieces and I went to LeClaire today and half of the little shops and now just wine places. I was disappointed except for this Artworks place, I didn't buy anything but it motivated me to create some things!
    Stay warm and safe!
    xoxo -Cindi

  5. Lovely shadow box, please keep it out of reach of the calico velociraptor, if that is possible. Best wishes to you and yours♥

  6. Glitter and a Velociraptor just doesn't get any better than that.

  7. I LOVE shadow boxes and wish I had room for more.

    Pam, got the wonderful winnings and he/she is peaking at me as I type. I'll take pics - LOVE it.

  8. Pam, I just sent you an email. I need your address amiga.! Take care and again your post is fun.:)

  9. Oh what a lovely kitten this little monster is!!!!!
    And lovely box you have created.
    I still have to do much here I only got the tree up today. But still so much to do for Christmas......
    Hope you are enjoying the holiday season Pam!

  10. Your Shadow Box is wonderful! I love the adventures of Lyra, the Calico Velociraptor Kitten and the Panda Express bag! I can't wait to see her next adventure! (And I KNOW there will be many.......your tree is a huge adventure waiting to happen!)

    No tree for me here....but twinkly lights, my Icy-Wintry Wreath on the door and a heart full of love and peace and joy.

    Love, ♥ Robin ♥

  11. Fun post, Pam! But I want a skelly snowman in that shadowbox! Lol seriously, it's charming. Merry Christmas!

  12. PS...sent an email with a question. :)

  13. Pam, Wonderful shadow box! And wonderful kitten! I don't think any of your decorations are going to survive :-). Happy Holiday!!!! xoxo

  14. Ha, I love that last kitty photo. Too funny! Dioramas and shadow boxes are really cool. Brook Weeber does some neat ones:


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