Sunday, November 3, 2013

New kitten, new dolls, new month...

The month of October flew by (on a broomstick!). I so was happy to have kids home (for about two nanoseconds).
It's impossible to get everyone in the same picture, evidently.
And now it's NOVEMBER. I am super excited for the holidays. Turkey, dressing, shopping, shopping, packages! To get you all in the proper deliriously happy holiday mood...let's look at our new kitten!

Her name is Lyra. Technically, she's Lucas' kitten. She's a little rescued calico (thank you, Molly!).
She's a sweet little holy terror. We love her.

I forgot how energetic kittens are. Luna (the old guard) is not amused. 

Isabel and Claudia are resting on some fabric.

I've been drawing spot art for my middle grade novel. I discovered that kittens love to eat drawings. They must taste delicious because she keeps trying to do it. So I draw with one eye on Lyra. Should make for some interesting art.

I've made two new dolls. And two more and a mermaid are on the way. Ho ho ho!
But before I leave Halloween and Day of the Dead, here's a little pic of two catrinas. The one on the left is from Michaels (good use of a coupon!) and the one on the right is from an etsy artist. 

I've discovered how to use effects on my phone (and iPhoto). I have also discovered that I look much better in black and white, or sepia.  Blurred is good, too. Who knew? This is me in my studio area.

Next week I'm going to have a giveaway. I'll go up to my laboratory and find some little thing that needs a new home. Happy November!


  1. Oh! Oh! A Calico!! They are the most rambunctious cats there are, you will have your hands full now! Like they weren't full before, with all you do. The newbies are dang cute.
    I don't believe I have ever seen a photo of you before and never pictured you with blond hair, always with black curly/wavy hair just to your shoulders. Isn't that funny? Where did I come up with that image? The true image of you is quite lovely. I love seeing photos of peoples work spaces.

  2. Hi Jan! Yes, she is so active and funny. We're all having to keep an eye on her - she runs around like crazy. And I WISH I had black curly/wavy hair to my shoulders! Mine is gray/blonde/blech. :) But my daughter has that hair (only not black, reddish-brown).

  3. Oh, kitten're in for some creative frenzy, aren't you? The skelly faces are wonderful, and I LOVE having a face to go with the name--thank you.

  4. I just adore kittens but always forget how crazy they get.
    i love that pic of you - I'm going to try sepia, or BW too and see how it looks.

    Happy November

  5. Hey Jan! YES! She is crazy energetic - and then she switches off and falls asleep for about 10 minutes. Thank you! I miss seeing your dolls. I'm going to toddle over there now. xo

  6. OMG! That kitten is CUTE!
    It's been years since I've had a kitten. (I tend to get adults) but that little girl is ADORABLE!
    I'm excited about your novel! It's nice that you have that little "helper" with your drawings! :)
    I've seen you in photos before and you just look younger in each one!
    Hmmm. I'm gonna try that sepia! LOL!
    Anyway, always glad to see a post from you!
    xoxo - Cindi

    1. Hi Cindi! I know! She is so cute and feisty. I'd completely forgotten how energetic kittens are, but how could I refuse this cute girl? :)
      Thank you about the book. As for me, blurry and b&w! Much better. Much much better! xo

  7. Blurry? Maybe my wine and photoshop cancelled each other out, LOL. You are a beautiful, magical artista! ♥ ♥ ♥
    PS: aren't grown children the best?
    PPS: we have a new kitten-cat too. Cats make the best grandchildren~ever!

  8. Hi Pam.
    It's always nice to have the kids home ~ a home filled with family is just warmer and you can feel the love. Your sweet little Lyra is adorable. I'm sure you will make many fun memories with her! Your new little creatures are cute, as always. Eager to see more. Can't believe it is November!! There is no way I will be ready for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Yikes!!!! xo

  9. Lyra is adorable -- I am looking forward to many more photos! :)

    It was also nice to see a photo of you. And I bet you also look great in color. :) It's that smile, you see!


  10. I've had cats before and very energetic. Your photo is awesome. I didn't picture you blond, for some reason I thought brown.:) Either way, great shot. Hi Pam, hope you are doing good and love your calico. Dolls are awesome too. Have a great week. ::hugs::

  11. What a cutie! (You and the kitten...) Can you believe the holidays are upon us already...I'm actually sort of somewhat ready this time!

  12. Having trouble leaving a comment, ack! What a cutie! (You and the kitten!) Can you believe the holidays are upon us already? I think I'm sort of ready this year....

  13. I love your kiddies and kitties! Lol! And as always, I LOVE your dolls! A giveaway on your blog? Yay, I'll be watching. :)

  14. LUCAS & LYRA look good together. Mischief makers both!!!

  15. Pam, Lyra is darling! So are you, we all look better in B&W :-). I love all you do. xoxo