Saturday, November 16, 2013

A giveaway and some new dolls...

I'm thinking we need a little Christmas right around now. I don't think I'm the only person who's ready to kick 2013 to the curb. If I am, well then, I am going to put on my best pointy-toed boots and do it all by myself on New Year's Eve. But before 2013 goes limping off, I think it's time for some holiday cheer. Some merry, merry, ho ho ho!

 So let's have a little pre-holiday giveaway! All you have to do to enter is leave me a comment below. I'll pick two winners on Friday, November 22 after 6pm. I went through my yoborobo containers (sorry about the poor pics, I used my phone). Here's what I found:

Astrid the elf doll

Carrick the elf ornie

I am ready for pine cones, and cinnamon, and ornaments and cookies. I am finding excuses to go to Michael's and Target, just so I can look at the Christmas stuff.

I've been busy writing, but I made a couple of little dolls that will go to my Etsy shop. I wanted to use candy colors. I love how they turned out. I'm hoping to get to make a few more, otherwise my button addiction serves no purpose. I will be covered in buttons. Buttons will spill out of my house and onto my lawn. But will this stop me from collecting buttons? Oh no. So more dolls are required.
Sadie and Wendy Lou

I leave you with a cute kitten picture. Here is little Lyra. She should have been named something like Viper, or The Terminator, because she is Hell on wheels, but so cute when she's tired.

Okay, off to the races! Take care and don't forget to bake cookies for absolutely no reason other than to make your house smell good (and to eat them).


  1. Hi Pam. Strange you should say bake cookies because I was going to do just that. Guess whose cookies??.....Renee's cookies. I have her recipe on my blog if you want it. You should link this to Paint Party Friday as your giveaway. If you link it, they will come, tee hee. Love you dolls. Very nice giveaway. Have a great weekend.

  2. Sadie and Wendy Lou are adorable! Hopefully they will make their way to a new home soon. Please enter me in the giveaway as well. Thanks!

  3. I too am ready for a turn of the calendar. Normally I try very hard to live each day as it comes, to let time take care of itself, but this year has worn out its welcome. I love Astrid--she would be right at home on my Elf Shelf. :~)

    Lovin' the vintage print pictures on the new dolls--you just keep making dolls and buying buttons. There are worse vises in the world, right? Lyra is like a cuteness vitamin...thank you.

  4. Bonsoir,

    Vos poupées sont toutes extraordinaires et fascinantes ! je suppose que même votre ami à quatre pattes les aime et voudrait jouer avec !...
    Merci pour votre générosité en organisant un très joli cadeau de fin d'année !

    Gros bisous à vous.

  5. So much fun, Pam! I think we must be related...a button addiction you say? I know all about that. Lol, plus, I have also gone to the craft stores just to take in the Christmas decor. I never did that before, and this year I simply MUST have sparkle! Too funny! It has not been a good year or many I know. Give it a pointy-toed kick for me! Lyra is adorable. :)

  6. I went to Target today and milled round the Christmas ornaments. I'm liking the more natural woodsy stuff. Kinda funny because I used to like the shiny silver, white, turquoise modern looking stuff and now I just want homemade a cabiny stuff! LOL!
    Yes, please enter me too. I love all the dolls but I love Lyra best.
    (and thanks for the encouraging comment that you left. xoxo)
    - Cindi

  7. Ah Pam, I'm appreciating and borrowing your holiday cheer! Great post here today ; thank you m'dear :-)

    I 'm welcoming 2014 too, none to soon

    Love your dolls--I'm in the market :/)

    Love love

  8. Ah, I haven't had a kitten in years but I remember what they leave in their wake! I think your names are appropriate (and quite funny.)

  9. I can barely remember 2013, it's a blur to me. love your button addiction lovelies, I really need something creative to do with my buttons, but I also love love love the feel of hundreds of them slipping thru my fingers. Avarice at it's best.

    Enjoy the kitty if you can. They can be crazy nutty!