Monday, January 7, 2013

A giveaway!

Well, it's a brand spanking new year. And I for one, say "Yippeee!" To celebrate, I found a couple of little plushies that need adopting. If you'd like a chance to win either Clara or Alden, just leave a comment. I might add another goodie in, too. I'll have to see who/what is lurking in the laboratory.

Clara, a little goat girl monster

Alden, a little winter monster dude
If you have a preference you can tell me in your comment, and I promise not to tell Clara and Alden who you like best. I'll pick the winners this Saturday, January 12th, after 6pm EST. I hope everyone is busy being super-creative and making masterpieces of one kind or another. I will be around soon to visit everyone and see what you've been up to.


  1. I have 1 of your cuties already, but, I also have a 1st grandbaby, CLARA!!!
    So of course I'd like a chance!!

  2. PAM!!!! Hi!! If it is anything like it is here right now, it almost seems like Spring is on the way. 50* and sunny!! BUT, I think some frigid air is coming next week. We'll see.
    I LOVE Clara!!! She is a cutie. Throw my name in the hat for her, please.
    Thanks for the compliment on Jake. He is SO dear ~ I love him to death. It think your Gizmo is a cutie, too, and I love his name!!!
    Happy to see you on here.
    audrey xxoo

  3. oh hello pam! do not count me in because i believe the more people who are joyed by your plushies the better. right now i am looking at peaches and she is telling me she's quite content. she has no cookie restrictions what so ever.

    it is good to see you back. are you still coughing? i am (grrrrr)


  4. OMG these little babies are simply too cute...they could travel to the studio with me and come home for nap time under warm quilts! Happy Happy Happy...that is just what I feel when I see you adorable babies! Happy New Year! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. Oh by the way...I love both of these little girls!!!!!!! Yahoo for you! Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. I think that Alden is my favorite but they are both great!

  7. oh man i love them BOTH and they BOTH belong with me in my house!!!!

    (really Pam, they are fun fun fun!)

  8. ooooh, what a lovely giveaway! Can I be included please? I am sure that my little family of Yoborobo plushies would love another member to join them :-)

  9. You are just so creative Pam! And I got a laugh when I read your resolutions...good luck with that closet I say why bother. Except you may find some treasures. It's funny how things re-populate behind a closed door! Love to you♥♥♥

  10. A chance to win one of these darling plushies is just too exciting!!! Either one of them would be a welcome addition to the crowd of dolls and bears living here. Hope you're feeling 100% like your normal self. xox

  11. Hi Pam! So good to see you here and see your cuties! I've won two of your giveaways so please leave me out of the running and increase the odds for others.

    I have three classes this weekend at French General WOOHOO! (That is if I can steer clear of the sneezing hacking masses before then and not succumb.)

    Hope your 2013 is bright and sparkly with all good stuff! xoxoxo

  12. Happy New Year Pam! Alden would look good next to the Gingerman I have. Please throw my name into the Ski Hat or whatever hat ya use!:)

  13. I think they are both adorable!
    I would be happy to give either one of them a home, so please throw me name in the hat and I wouldn't let any of the tiny dogs get them!
    I promise! :)

  14. Aw, two cuties!! I'd never be able to choose because I was ALWAYS the last kid to be picked to be on a team. Either plushie would make an excellent part of my team here :)
    How sweet of you!

    Happy New Year Yoborobo!! May it be creatively awesome♥


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