Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New dolls...

I'm much happier now that Mistress Weather is finally giving us a break on those insane summer temps. I love the cooler air, gorgeous blue skies, and those white fluffy clouds. Sweatshirts are right around the corner and I can't wait!
(Of course, when it gets freezing cold, I will complain again. Such is the circle of life.)

I've been busy on non-art-and-non-writing stuff (I won't bore you with the details, we all have stuff we have to trudge through with our hip-boots on), but I did sneak in some new spooky dolls.

This is Monique. I used some vintage hand-crocheted lace around her neck, and a lovely worn white cotton dresser runner for her dress. She's a ghost, but a rag doll, too.

 Lily, her pal, is also a ghostie. Her dress has skelly netting over it. 

I've found that adding these small mother-of-pearl buttons to the tops of their eyes really makes them come alive. Or dead. Or undead. You decide.

Rosemary is a vampire. 

She has little stitched fangs, and big button eyes. My thrift store binges provided me with the rose ribbon (thus her name) and the fabric.

Rosemary's best friend is Trudy the zombie.

I guess they have a lot in common.
 Trudy has a vintage cotton nightie (made from a skirt) and she has on a lace shawl.

And here they all are, having a chat about who-knows-what. 

Thank you for all your input on Pinterest. I'm going to join. It might take me a day or two to get organized enough, but I will be there, pinning madly, so please look for me!

And one last summer picture. This is Morocco. Not the real one (darn), but the one at Epcot in DisneyWorld. It is simply amazing the detail that the buildings have.

Hope you are all enjoying some nicer weather and getting in the mood for apple cider, and apple pie and all things apple. I know I am. Especially that pie part.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Little witches and spooky stuff

Howdy friends! I've been doing some thinking. I'm considering joining Pinterest, even though I have no idea why, and even though my Flickr account is sadly neglected and even though I hardly ever get on Facebook to talk to people. So if you are on Pinterest and love it, can you tell me what you like about it? You know, peer pressure me.

While I was pondering the issue, I made some more skelly ornies. I certainly hope you are all getting ready to put up your Halloween tree. I know I am.

Here are a couple of little witch dolls I made. These are in my etsy shop, waiting for adoption. You can tell by looking at them that they're full of Halloween cheer.

This is Drucilla.

 This is Primula.

Just two little witches, hanging out.
I painted one little bat boy. I love this bat boy. I often feel like he looks. Dazed and confused.
If only I had wings.