Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer magic...

There is an albino deer in our neighborhood. I haven't seen him/her yet. I am on the lookout, though. Our neighbor caught these fuzzy phone pics the other day (thank you, John!).

Maryland has lots of summer magic. We've had more fireflies than I've seen since moving here. The other night we stood on the deck and watched for a long time. It looked like someone had strung flicker lights all through the woods. Simply fantastic to see.

And here is something I never saw back in California. My DH took these amazing pics in our garden. This (after much Google research!) is a Maple Spindle Gall. The spikes are caused by microscopic mites, which aren't insects, but related to ticks and spiders. (Just sharing!) The form and color of the gall can tell you which kind of mite is feeding off your tree. I think they look like an alien life form. Ours are confused mites, because they are eating a grape leaf, among other things.

Here's another form of summer magic: adult children spending time with their parents. Sitting on the deck and talking. Almost as rare as the albino deer!

 Caity posing. Trying to look wistful. Not succeeding.
 Pat with Gizmo and Sophie.

Hope you're all having some summer magic, too.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Skelly love...and one blue dog

What? It's June? Are you kidding me?

A lot is going on here at Casa Smallcomb.
For one thing, my youngest is graduating middle school. Sniff.
Life is changing, just like it always does, and just when you were starting to get used to it the way it was.

Blue Dog knows exactly what I am talking about.

I've been sneaking in some skelly painting. Even while I'm painting them, I'm wondering what is it about them that I love so much? I really can't say, except that while I'm painting them, I think Big Thoughts. So maybe it's that simple.
For the record, my children think I am a little weird for loving them like I do. I mean, of course, they don't care if I love them, they just don't happen to share my opinion.
But maybe they will change.
They might wake up one morning and say, "Oh, what a delightful skelly painting Mom has hung in the dining room!"
I seriously doubt it.
But here's one thing about change: it can be fabulous or terrible or tedious or frightening or surprising. Everything is on the table.
Including skelly love.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Who knows where the time goes?

Great song, right? I was thinking about Judy Collins today, and Joni Mitchell, too, and how much I love their music. So many of their songs take me right back to being young. Remember being young? Me neither.

'Who Know Where the Time Goes' popped into my little head. If you need an earworm today, click here.

So what have I been up to? (Besides sneaking in some of these little dolls.)

Household drudgery. I am determined to lighten the Smallcomb load of stuff on planet Earth, even if I have to rent a dumpster and park it in the driveway to do it.

Lawn battles. I swear to Batman that Maryland has alien plant species that grow three feet a day.

Writing. I have been writing like a maniac. I am on a writing schedule, baby!

Now I just need to get on an exercise schedule. And a diet schedule. And a 'be a better friend' schedule.

Who knows where the time goes (sing along)?
Hope your time has been going in good directions. Ones that make you deliriously happy.

If not, go listen to Judy sing. She'll make you feel better.

P.S. Blogger is training me not to blog. And it is teaching me to swear. I thought I already knew how to swear, but Blogger is taking me to new heights. It's like I'm getting a Master's in Swearing. Thank you, Blogger.