Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"Knuckle and Potty Save Happy World" is here!

Hey all!

I have to stop cleaning my garage for two reasons:

1. It's not getting any cleaner. I think I am just moving things around.

2. My friend, the talented James Proimos, has a new book out!

It's called "Knuckle and Potty Destroy Happy World."

I smiled typing that sentence.

Here's the book blurb:

"Knuckle and Potty are tired of being lovable book characters. Together, they hatch a plan to venture to the Outer-world by clicking their heels and leaping off the pages into real life to confront the author and illustrator who created them. When that plan fails, a trip to Happy World is their last option. Simple: they’ll just erase Happy World with their de-zonker contraptions. Little do Knuckle and Potty know that Happy World isn’t as happy as they think."

And here is the Knuckle and Potty book trailer.

If you know a kid who loves silly, funny, crazy books, that kid will love this book.
Congratulations, Jim!
Go Knuckle and Potty!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Change is a good thing, right?

Change exercises our little grey cells. This is what I'm telling myself as I get used to the new Blogger format (and that should tell you how long its been since I've posted!). My little grey cells are doing push-ups. This will be a short post, because I am very sure I will screw it up. But that's the wrong attitude. Repeat after me: the glass of milk is half full. Go, little grey cells! Get off your lazy arses and perform!

While you are sipping your half glass of milk (and hopefully sneaking a cookie), here are some new pieces:

Quinton, a little lamb. I decided he was a lamb after I made him. At first I thought he was a deer. 

Mazie, a skelly bride. Happily waiting. And waiting.
Her pal Gertie is a skelly bride, too.
These brides were two of the pieces I found in the box I posted about. Now they have arms and legs - and veils! 

Gertie and Mazie, two skelly brides out on the town.

Celeste, the zombie fairy
Celeste was made from a sturdy box I saved at Christmas. And the wings are from Altered Artifacts on etsy. Digital collage sheets are very addicting. Don't say I didn't warn you. 
Hope you are all having grand art and writing adventures, and your own little grey cells are pumping iron and sending you amazing thoughts.

P.S. It wasn't so bad. I still have trouble placing photos where I want them in new-and-improved Blogger. That, however, could just be me.