Saturday, December 29, 2012


Gizmo the pug wants to know.

I've been playing with the Blogger template. I'm pretty sure the day I understand Blogger is the day they will change it. Or maybe I will become an Official Wizard (ooooh, will I get to wear the Sorting Hat?).

So I've been thinking about New Year's and whether to make any resolutions. So far I have:

1. Clean a closet.
2. Learn how to use my phone.

Gizmo has a resolution:

1. Look cute and sad so I get lots of treats all day long.

Sophie has a resolution, too:
1. Stand next to Gizmo.

Winter is here. I know because I am sleeping with my socks on. And I am thinking it's time for a giveaway, so I am going to look in my stash and see what I can find. Stay tuned.

 Happy New Year, my friends! Wishing you all lots of treats in 2013!


  1. Gizmo is SO cute!
    He kinda looks like my little Ruby.
    Such a sweet little face and obviously Sophie is one smart dog! (love her eyes!)
    yeah...I'm thinking about resolutions this weekend too...
    maybe I will go back to last years post that I did and see what my resolutions were then!
    Hhahahahahaha..................ha. ?
    Anyway, Happy New Year!
    xoxo - Cindi

  2. Gizmo seems to have perfected the cute and sad look and Sophie looks like she's using her impressive mind control powers. What a pair of cutie pies. Did I read that you're thinking of a giveaway??? I'll be checking back often cause I wouldn't want to miss it. Have a happy last few days of 2012 and a very happy new year. xoxox

  3. Gizmo and Sophie are darling.
    I don't believe in resolutions, they never pan out. Do or don't do and leave the resolutions alone, that is my motto. I figure I don't need anything else to feel guilty about :-). Happy New Year!

  4. De bien jolis toutous...

    Gros bisous à vous, des caresses à vos amis à quatre pattes et encore tous mes voeux pour 2013.

  5. Not visited your blog for a while - all the best for the coming year -love Gizmo x

  6. hey you have a little one...your pug is precious and Gizmo is handsome. I am wishing you a safe and Happy New Year for 2013..continue putting smiles on our faces with you delightful little characters...laughter is essential in today's world. I wish you and yours Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. Sophie is a beautiful lady!! She is almost as cute as a Gizmo...I am easily confused. Peace, Mary Helen

  8. i love those sad and hopeful faces, just adorable! I also love the new years resolutions, quite achievable by everyone!!!

  9. Sophie and Gizmo are heartbreakers. My New Year's resolutions are often forgotten by the time February rolls around.

  10. Gizmo and Sophie are adorable and I have a feeling that resolutions or not they get what they want..hehe

    Yeppers...winter has reached our little corner of the world too. I didn't think it would seeing how I live in a little Southern coastal corner that is always warm. It's been about 42 all day here. Socks to sleep in sounds mighty good and socks with my flip flops during the day too. ^_^


  11. Ahhhhh, exactly my kind of resolutions.... except I have to only look cute, for me to give me some treats!! Happy New Year, Pam!! xx

  12. awe!!!! how sweet!!! wishing you a wonderful New Year filled with inspiration and wonderful new experiences!!!

  13. Pam, NONE of us will ever understand Blogger, and if we DO? We'll probably be wearing one of those little white jackets with the built in hand warmers, as opposed to the uber-cool Sorting Hat! ;-D
    Gizmo is a doll, and so is Sophie. They have you well have THEM well trained! Yes, that's it!
    Here's to getting through winter in one piece.
    One livable, walking piece.


  14. Your resolution list is pretty ambitious. I was thinking I might just aim for not getting lost more than once or maybe twice this year.

  15. Whew, I'm still trying to log in to blogger, without getting lost in windows 8. I don't understand it and will have to make that my resolution, or I won't be doing anything on line. Bad enough I have to find photo shop, who knows where it is. and then the headache if I get a new internet server. will have to notify everyone of new email address. crap.

    Happy New Year, Pam,
    may you do whatever it is you need to.

  16. Sweet babies! I don't make resolutions but I do kind of make mental note of things I want to change or start doing more so this time of year than any other. Happy New Year, Pam! I hope 2013 brings you health, happiness and much success.

  17. We are twins! I had the same thought yesterday, as soon as I get a grasp on the "new" blogger, they will have moved on to the next one!

    & I think I've had my iPhone three years and I still don't know how to use it!

    I tend to keep my resolutions to myself as they never come to fruition, I'm such a slacker. But I do want to read more, lose more old lady heftage, craft my butt off (is that a good diet hahahha), and be kinder.

    Sending virtual biscuits and tummy rubs to Gizmo and Sophie!

    What's on for New Years for the Smallcombs? We're going to out to dinner and then home.

    Wishing you a fun one!

    Sally xoxoxoxo

  18. I understand some of blogger, but like you said - every time I figure something out, they change it on me! I have goals instead of resolutions this year (but I'm secretly hoping my children's resolutions involve cleaning!) Happy New Year!

  19. Happy New Year Pam! What cuteness! I'm hoping to get a studio space for the New Year. :)

  20. Im horrible at keeping resolutions so Im just going to wing it and see what happens;)
    I love your dogs!! I also have puggies and a german shep.
    I hope you have a wonderful new year, I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for us!!
    Keep me posted Pam!

  21. Happy New Year dear!!!
    Both dogs are just soo cute! I love pugs and Sophie looks smart and has exceptional eyes!
    I have no real resolutions as to try again........
    Happy New Year!

  22. Happy new year, my friend. Wishing you gizmo's honest eyes from all you meet.

    What's in our collective menu ahead?


    your Prudie pal
    ms kj

  23. Happy New Year Lady!!!!! I love those cute facessssssss! Oh my goodness your pug is adorable and the eyes have it on your other baby! Oh they are so beautiful. You have a lot of stuff already planned to work on. I need to take from you list. Sounds like you and I have some of the same things to do. LOL!!!
    Great minds think alike. Wishing you a sweet and creative start!

  24. Treats? So far this new year has been full of Tricks,
    which is like so 3 months ago (Halloweenesque)...sigh
    BUT perhaps the Chinese new year Feb. 10th will bring
    good fortune being as The Year of the Snake is 'my'
    year. But I'm with Indiana Jones on not liking snakes
    generally speaking and supposedly those born under the
    sign of the snake aren't easily flustered which is so
    wrong already. oopsie. Must think good thoughts !!!

  25. So cute!!!

    pam, go to Utube and enter " Loca pug in ireland" or "ireland pug" and watch the video about Loca, a pug with a benign brain tumor. It's adorable! (Not sad at all.)It will have you singing that Irish ditty in no time.



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