Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like clutter..

At least at my house. But it's happy clutter and  it's beginning to look a little like Christmas, too! Yesterday we started putting up decorations. Our oak hutch has a little town living in it now.
Here it is during the day. 
More Christmas pics to come, but first a (very controlled) look at the delightful (cough) clutter in my work area! Notice that I have carefully cropped each picture. You might be fooled into thinking my work area is tidy like this:
 But it isn't. It's pretty much wall to wall this:
 Even the skelly guys that have been hanging around for weeks think it's bad. And it takes a lot to shock a skelly.
 I ran out of table space so I put some nails in my bookshelves to hang my dolls. I guess I'll hang them from the ceiling next.

 My shelves are sort of tidy. I won't show you the boxes piled on the floor.
While I was taking these pictures I discovered two little frames I bought at a thrift store. It's like a treasure hunt!
 Just one stack of many, many stacks of fabric. Oy.

 But look, the trolls think all this mayhem is fabulous! Nothing gets them down. And I think their hair is very Chrismassy, don't you? Maybe we need a troll Christmas village...hmmm...
 Happy Ho Ho Ho!


  1. Oh Pam! If only people knew how much I cropped photos before they went live on blog! :-D I totally understand the magic of CROPPING!!!!
    Love your creativity in motion. (it's not a mess, it is taking on a creative life of it's own, infusing you with IDEAS....ahem....)
    I am dithering on today; go fight the crowds or stay in and play with the box canvas I was telling you about.
    Ever try and make a tissue paper skirt for a skellie??? Not easy!
    Sometime I'll send a pic of a store that was my favorite with things hanging everywhere.
    Our workspaces are CLEAN.


    1. Hi Pam I think your Christmas decor is delightful and festive! Your work space looks great to me! I am very unorganized. I lost a bag of twine a week ago and I can't find it. lol

  2. First time I've seen your workspace, cropped and all it looks great. Not too different from mine really. I haven't started to put up holiday decorations up so I'd better get started!

  3. Pam...I LOVE your work areas...they look just like mine. (and I do mean like mine beyond the crop areas..hehe) I love the little village and I hope you take a pic of it at night too...does it glow? I just love Christmas time and decorating. It's raining here today so hopefully tomorrow I can get mine out and start. I'm of course, still working on a Santa or two or three ^_^


  4. You're miles ahead of me Pam ... not even a wisp of a thought of holiday decorating going on in my noggin yet!

    I'm so glad you're not a neatnik ;) There isn't even a corner in this room that's sharable these days. Messy messy messy.

    I am filing and shifting stuff today - it never leaves, just gets "shifted". argh.

    Happy happy holidayifying!

    Sally xooxoxox

    (I've added a profile pic, fingers crossed it shows up - you can't believe how long it took me to figure out how to add it this morning. SHEESH! time for lunch now hahahhahahhaha)

  5. well this tour is enough to push me right into christmas spirit! i LOVE seeing your work space(s). now i can imagine you there, making emily plush and the gang of skells :^)

    i am ready to enjoy all the moments of the holiday, pam. except that life has some other plans for me. a family illness (very sad), JB on crutches (what?! you can't empty the dishwasher?!) a lovely dog who please please please no more seizures. i bought bough for the fence and one bayberry candle. and i'm giving good presents this year.

    gee, i am going on and on and on. as if it's MY blog! so i'll bow out gracefully now and say happy holidays,my friend. xoxox


  6. I do not see clutter... I want to dive in and play with all the art stuff! I love visiting other artist studios...they are so refreshing...learning something new in each visit. Thank you, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. I think Anne has it right = creativity in motion!!! nice!!!
    It looks like the elves and trolls and skellies have been
    very very busy.

  8. My work area has become so cluttered that I can barely move. If I'm not careful when I push back my chair I end up tobbling the ironing board or a pile of fabric or a stack of boxes. My work table has so many different things going on at the same time that it's confusing. If I put something down and look away when I look back I can't find it. Yes, it's beginning to look a lot like clutter here too. Yours looks a lot more interesting than mine. Want to trade? xoxo

  9. The mess is inspiring! And I have a little bunch of Trolls too. They're almost too sweet, but I could never resist them. :~)

  10. You're a gal after my own heart! This is why a adore you!!!

  11. My art space is perfectly organized and clean.....NOT! I love seeing your space and stuff and trolls and paintings on the walls. Happy fun getting ready for the holidays.

  12. Pam, I love your mess :-). We all have a mess like that, at least if we are doing it right :-). xoxo

  13. You have a lot dear ;) It would be hard for me to keep all those things in order...... My work desk is a little cluttered at this moment :( Will fix that today. Want to start a new project so must start with a clean slate.....
    Tomorrow I will start decorating the house. Today my new couches will arrive so I am ready for the whole package now.
    have a fun weekend!

  14. Your workspaces look like mine ... I think it's a creative mess:))

    Wishing for you a wonderful December.

  15. I got CHILLS! Your workspace is fantastic, so full of possibilities! How can you not sit there and get stimulated up the wazoo with project ideas?! My workspace is full of....hmm, let's see...laundry that needs to be put away and doghair tumbleweeds and a nice soothing coat of dust.

    Have a great weekend! What a festive background you have. :)

  16. So glad that we are on the same page. How awesome. Anyone getting a handmade gift from you should be excited, happy and and sated!! Yes indeed. Happy crafting girly. Hugs to you too.

  17. Always, ALWAYS you make me laugh Pam!
    I love the new background you have and all the pictures of exclamation points!
    Damn blogger anyway, he takes the joy outta everything.
    You house looks like a museum, LOVE it.
    Especially the juggling cat. And no, I didn't need to ask.
    Makes perfect sense to me.
    How about finding those frames!!! That's what fun about being disorganized...you're always making new discoveries.
    And a poor memory doesn't hurt either.
    Love to you♥

  18. Omg, omg,,, I just found a troll doll in my clutter the other day, it was a yankee one, so I gave it to my grandson. I think your clutter is more controlled than mine. I photo shoot in small areas so no one sees the mess. really a mess. I'll let you browse through my clutter one day. Going to post what it really looks like, and be damned.

    lots of hugs.

  19. Can you come decorate my house?

    Happy Holidays to you!!

  20. Love your new background Pam. Love your space as well. Awesome! Just popped in real quick to wish you and yours Happy Holidays. I'm not posting right now, just visiting from time to time. Take care.

  21. I'm going to take a little break!

    Sending warm wishes to you and your loved ones for a wonderful Christmas and much health and happiness for 2013.


  22. Hope the holiday elves have worked their magic and you can relax and settle in with all your dear ones.

    Merry merry Christmas to you! xo


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