Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas excuses, feel free to borrow!

It feels like I haven't blogged in ten years. But I have many, many excuses. I was thinking that some of you might need excuses right around now, so help yourself. Consider this an excuse buffet!

While you are reading my excuses, here are some pictures of my anniversary trip to Gettysburg with my long-suffering DH.

Married for a big old 24! High five to my honey!

Historic Gettysburg is an amazing place, and it was really cool to be there during the Christmas season.

On to my excuses...

1. I was sick. I WAS. I had this cold where you walk around saying things to yourself like "Come on, you aren't that sick! Go wrap some presents!" but then you find yourself drifting over to the couch with a nice warm blanket.

2. Technical difficulties. I did get my new Mac, and it is sweet. However, I have the technical proficiency of a gnat. Very small learning curves are like the Himalayas to me.

3. Shopping. Next year I am starting in June. And I will start wrapping in July. Decorations will go up in August.

4. Family. Oh, here lies a plethora of excuses! Just think of your own relatives. I'm sure they are the reason you are still in your pajamas at dinner time and can't remember your name. Not that I don't love each and every one of you (just in case you are reading my blog, which I am pretty sure you are not)!!

5. Pre-holiday-stress-disorder (PHSD). It needs no explanation. Rabbit in the headlights time.

6. Paper cuts. Free DNA with every gift I have wrapped.

7. Holiday movies. They take time to watch, after all.
(our Christmas tree)

8. Sugar overdose. I have started a new holiday tradition. I have a bag of M&Ms next to me while I wrap presents. Every time I wrap a gift, I pop 3 M&Ms into my mouth.

I'm sure there are more excuses than these. But I have to run to the store to buy more gifts so I can eat more M&Ms.
(our Christmas village)
All excuses and whining aside, I know I am a lucky duck. I'm wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas. Happy Chanukah, too! A safe and healthy 2012 all around!

Sunday, December 4, 2011


Well, it had to happen sometime. My beloved Mac laptop kicked the bucket. I am working on Caity's old HP which has Unix. GAK! I am too old to learn new things! Can you see me kicking and screaming from where you are? No? Well, trust me, I am.

On to holiday cheer!I live in a lovely part of the world. It's near a little town called Mt. Airy. In the historic district is a little shop called Ben Gue's. It's hard to explain this shop except to say that when you walk in, it is packed to the brim with gifts, leaning toward country and folk art. You can hardly move through it without touching something (or maybe that's just me needing a DIET...ahem).

The store has a basement dedicated to Christmas. You walk down narrow stairs into a space crammed with Santas, angels, and snowmen. It is very easy to get lost down there.

Here are a couple of pictures the DH took with his phone. That's my blurry head back there, trying to pick out this year's snowman. What? You don't buy a snowman every year? Huh.
The new snowmen are living in the Snowman Village in the dining room.

Now you are telling me that you don't have a Snowman Village in your dining room?
What is the world coming to?

I am going to post this before I accidentally hit the wrong key and delete it. Good news: a Mac is on the way from Santa!