Monday, August 29, 2011

El Dia de Bloglandia!

Last week was pretty wacky here in the Mid-Atlantic. Thankfully, all my chicks are safe and sound, the ground has settled, and the winds have died down. Bonus: the power is on!

I wanted to tell you all about a blog event coming up. It's El Dia de Bloglandia! Rebecca (from Recuerda mi Corazon) and Stephanie (Mango Studio) are hosting a blog event, where you can visit blogs on November 1st and 2nd and see how other people are celebrating the Day of the Dead. Rebecca has a lovely post up now introducing the event called "The Art of Remembering". They'll be posting every Sunday in October as well, so we can all get a glimpse of what people are making, and how and who they are remembering.

I'll be making a piece of art, in remembrance of all the people I have loved and lost, and in celebration of everyone who is still here with me.

Here is a piece I did a year ago called "Alone With My Thoughts." I used a small wooden box that a men's wallet came in (how come women's wallets don't come in cool wooden boxes, heh?), and odds and ends from the Never-Ending-Craft-Supply-Vault (a.k.a., my bedroom).

I hope you'll join in! I believe there is a lot to be gained in taking time to remember the people (and animals) that have enriched our lives. El Dia de Los Muertos gives us a chance to join together in our remembrances of loved ones and, at the same time, to celebrate life. Perhaps, at this special time, the veil between our worlds is lifted, and our souls visit.

I would love to think so.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two new dolls and a Pencil Tips blog book giveaway!

It's the last week of summer vacation. I guess I can fold up that do-list and put it away until June! That's okay, because I am thrilled to report there is a hint of FALL in the air. I am downright giddy. It's time to put my Halloween counter back at the top of my blog!

It was a busy summer, and I had lots of those 'family things' that took front and center like they sometimes do. I squeaked in a couple of new dolls. I am going to list them on etsy in this decade.

This is Rosalind.
Lola and her pet ghostie.

Now for the book giveaway! As you may or may not know, I am a children's author. I write on another blog called "Pencil Tips". We write about the craft of writing, and also about our experiences helping kids to write. Our blog is having a giveaway each month for sixth months. There will be a signed book from each one of the contributing authors/illustrators. A signed children's book would make a really special gift for the holidays, and my fellow bloggers are awesome and amazing!

I'm first up to bat in September, I am giving away a signed copy of I'M NOT. If you are a writer, teacher, home-schooler, book lover, parent (or know one) and would like to enter, just hop over here and leave a comment. Your comment could be, "Hi Pam!". Any old comment will do. We're trying to get the word out about the blog. Thank you so much in advance!

I am organizing my work area here, and I'll have my own giveaway soon. I am finding all sorts of things I had forgotten about. Why am I organizing my bedroom, you ask? Because I can't find my wedding ring.

It's in there somewhere.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The winner and a couple of summer pics...

First of all, I swear I let the random number picker pick. And the random number picker decided that Anne needed a Frida ornie. I will get it in the mail to you next week, Anne!

And before I forget, some of you were asking about crackle finishes. I have been using Anita's two-step fine crackle (that I used to get at Michael's) and I just found out it has been discontinued. Kaput. Grrrrrrrr.

So, I am on the hunt for a new product. I visited the Cloth & Clay Doll site and read the chat there on crackle. Several people recommend Jo Sonja crackle, so I am going to order some on-line and I'll let you know if it works. Others said they had success with Deco Art one step crackle finish.

Another tip I have read is that if you are going to crackle something porous, like a canvas (or a paper clay doll), you might want to seal the surface before you try and crackle it. This makes sense to me, since otherwise the crackle could just seep into the surface.

More than you needed to know about crackling, I am sure.

Onward! Here are some summer pics!

A visitor to our deck. The DH took these pictures, and I love this first one. Scary dude. I think this would make an awesome Halloween card.

And here is Alex with the grandhedge, my pretend grandchild. He's visiting while Caity gallivants around in a summer-like fashion.
Okay, I'm off to read a story to the grandhedge, and give him a meal worm treat. We'll have another giveaway soon. I have discovered I like giving things away! Weeeee!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Catching up and a little giveaway

Is it just me, or does the world seem to be extra wonky these days? When I go to my Yahoo page for the news, I squint (just like I do in scary movies). I'm not sure it helps.

Anyhoo, because these are such tough days for folks, I thought a teensy little giveaway was in order. This little Frida ornament might perk you up when you feel like hiding under the covers (with the a/c on full blast). The front has Frida, and the back has a vintage cactus image. Just leave a comment, and I will draw a winner on Saturday, August 13 after 6pm EST.

As for me, summer is swooshing by. The DH and I escaped to Annapolis for an overnight adventure. I had never been there before. It's the state capitol! (I need to get out more.)They had an art fair in the street which we happened upon.

I loved the historic part of the city. It slopes gently down to the City Dock, and is chock full of history (including pirates!). It was so flipping hot and humid the day we were there, that it took the edge off of the fun factor, but luckily Annapolis is full of quaint restaurants and pubs that you can duck into for refreshments.

A pub called the Sly Fox.

Dinner at O'Brien's Pub (rockfish with crab and mushrooms).

Chick and Ruth's - you might have seen it on Man vs. Food.

Tempting, tempting.

I hope everyone is enjoying summer! It's hard with no money, hot weather and a crummy economy, I know. Maybe we should share some life strategies. Here are some of mine:

I will keep our beige car even though I don't like it.
The kitchen counters will stay put. Sigh.
Pasta will be served more often (and I thought I was serving it plenty often before!).
I will donate more of the stuff I have (and I have plenty). People need it.
I am going to try and smile more. It's free.