Friday, July 29, 2011

How hot is it...?

Hot enough to be inside all day with the a/c on, thinking about fall and Halloween.
So hot that a Baltimore radio station is streaming Christmas carols on its website.
And even Sophie doesn't want to go outside.

To cool off, I made some ornaments featuring Halloween royalty.

This is the other side of the Skelly Princess.

The faces are made from sculpey, and I've collaged the front and back. I've done a crackle finish on their faces (I think I have finally gotten the hang of it).

Here's a Pumpkin Princess.
Here is the back side of the Pumpkin Princess.
Next I am going to try a witch and some ghosties. They will all head over to my etsy shop.
And I found this chunk of wood at the thrift store and snapped it up for a quarter. It's going to be a haunted house, I think.It need lots and lots of layers.

If it is still hot next week, I am moving on to Christmas ornaments. Lots of snowmen. Maybe a Christmas Yeti. I might eat ice cream while I work. Strap a ziplock full of ice cubes to my head.
Ho ho ho.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Scary Barbie revealed...

Since it is as hot as Hades outside, I thought I should try and take your mind off of the weather.
Scary Barbie should do the trick.
Remember when she looked like this?

Aw, so sweet and innocent.
Ever cheerful, in spite of being hair-challenged.

Well, she looks a little different now.

Barbie doll from a thrift store - $1.00
Barbie dress from China - $4.00 (including shipping! How is that possible?)
Total investment $5.00

Transforming Barbie into a scary lady? Priceless.

Technically, she still isn't finished. I have to varnish her and do some touch-up. I was going to paint all sorts of skelly stuff on her, but when I saw her face with all that white, I was scared enough. She's a very spooky girl!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer collages

Summer Pros:


Summer Cons:


I've been busily trying to put a dent in the weed population (and losing), but I slipped in some time to make a couple of collages, because I had an overwhelming desire to use paper, scissors and glue.

This one is titled "Unrequited Love". Theirs is a difficult relationship. For one thing, they move in completely different social circles.

This one is titled "Loves Me, Loves Me Not". I had a vision of a flower that had hearts and thorns for petals.

Good news! Barbie's dress came from China in record time! I was gobsmacked. I think it got here more quickly than if it had been mailed from somewhere within the USA.

On my do-list:
Finish scary Barbie.
Plant the perennials before they kick the bucket.
See Harry Potter.

I hope you are all having some fun in the sun. If not, please play hooky and have some.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Frida dolls for Frida's birthday!

Happy birthday, Frida!

To me, Frida is a symbol of resilience. She endured a lot of pain in life, but she kept her shoulders squared, and kept on living. Not just living, but creating art and mentoring other artists. (Not to mention, she was feisty as all get out.)

I've had some pain in my own life. We all have. When I start to get a case of the boo-hoos, I think of Frida, and the other people I have known that have faced down personal demons (physical and mental) and tried hard to keep enjoying life.

So I have made these little Frida dolls. I might keep one (I really have to stop doing that!), but I will definitely be listing 2 in my etsy shop.
My hope is that whoever buys one will keep her nearby as a reminder: life is good. Keep creating. Keep your chin up. And by all means, stay feisty.

Monday, July 4, 2011


And the living is easy.
The beach was wonderful. I loved the pelicans the best, I think. Watching them ride the air above the waves was very relaxing.
It was uncrowded and really beautiful.

I would show you lots of pictures of us in swimsuits, but that is against Smallcomb Family law.

But I can't resist showing you this unknown (hee hee) teen exiting the water.
All photos are from the DH's talented self.

Meanwhile, Barbie is waiting for her new dress to arrive from China. Yes, China. I bid on an Ebay dress that seemed perfect for her scary little self, and AFTER I won the bid on Ebay, I saw it was being shipped from China.

Lesson learned: always check the seller's location before bidding.

I expect to see it before Christmas.
I am taking a few days to get caught up on...blech...housework.
Trust me, it needs it.