Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two new dolls and a Pencil Tips blog book giveaway!

It's the last week of summer vacation. I guess I can fold up that do-list and put it away until June! That's okay, because I am thrilled to report there is a hint of FALL in the air. I am downright giddy. It's time to put my Halloween counter back at the top of my blog!

It was a busy summer, and I had lots of those 'family things' that took front and center like they sometimes do. I squeaked in a couple of new dolls. I am going to list them on etsy in this decade.

This is Rosalind.
Lola and her pet ghostie.

Now for the book giveaway! As you may or may not know, I am a children's author. I write on another blog called "Pencil Tips". We write about the craft of writing, and also about our experiences helping kids to write. Our blog is having a giveaway each month for sixth months. There will be a signed book from each one of the contributing authors/illustrators. A signed children's book would make a really special gift for the holidays, and my fellow bloggers are awesome and amazing!

I'm first up to bat in September, I am giving away a signed copy of I'M NOT. If you are a writer, teacher, home-schooler, book lover, parent (or know one) and would like to enter, just hop over here and leave a comment. Your comment could be, "Hi Pam!". Any old comment will do. We're trying to get the word out about the blog. Thank you so much in advance!

I am organizing my work area here, and I'll have my own giveaway soon. I am finding all sorts of things I had forgotten about. Why am I organizing my bedroom, you ask? Because I can't find my wedding ring.

It's in there somewhere.


  1. Aren't these little ladies interesting?!? I love Rosalind's eyes. They really are something. Pam you have one heck of an imagination and I'm loving it. I'm also going over to check out the other blog site. I really wasn't aware you were an author as well as an artist. Have a great week and hope you find your ring.

  2. I'm falling in love with Lola. She's just the right amount of creepy. I am praying for fall to arrive. The heat and stickiness of FL summers is awful. I'm looking forward to cooler temps and Halloween, OF COURSE! :)

  3. Hey! I tried to leave you a comment on the Pencil Tips site, but I get a message saying I don't have "viewing rights". Just thought you might want to know. Meanwhile, I'm going to forward a link to my aspiring author friends.

    BTW - It's pretty cool that we already have books written by some of your PT colleagues. :)

  4. Hi Ya!!
    Cilly here today.... Here's to an early Fall.
    Have a Wonderful Day!

  5. Oh I just love Lola & her ghostie! Feeling Fall here too! I even busted out a sweat shirt yesterday morning! Off to see your writing blog.:)

  6. Hi Maddy! Thank you. I have always had a...weird...imagination. LOL! Thanks for visiting Pencil Tips! xo

  7. Hi Moriah! Thank you about Lola. She is mostly sweet and slightly creepy - haha. And I hear you about the humidity. Done, done and done. I hope it cools off for you soon. I am all about Halloween now, too! xo

  8. Hi Maria! That's weird. I wonder if something is set on our blog that is different from this one. ACK! A technical challenge! My favorite! ;) I will email you and I am still counting you in the giveaway. Thanks for forwarding to your pals, it's much appreciated. xo

  9. Hi Marilyn! So good to see you! Isn't the cooler weather great? I am loving it. I hope it STAYS. Happy almost fall! xo

  10. Hi Becca! Thank you! I am so excited to put on a sweatshirt - haha! That will wear off come February, I'm sure. Thanks so much for visiting Pencil Tips! xo

  11. Oh Pam Fall just can't come fast enough for me! Love your new dolls! Hope you find your ring!

  12. pam you always make me giggle, you are so cute. and so incredibly talented. how do you make these dolls? i'm so amazed.

    i'm glad you get to start the count down, i think that's why i feel giddy too, autumn is in the air (even here in california)and i love it.

    thank you for the giveaway, i'll go check out your other blog, i would love the book!

    and while your in there cleaning, just be sure to not throw anything away, until you find that ring. :)

  13. Jen - thank you very much! And thanks for the comment on Pencil Tips. :) As for the ring, I hold out great hopes! xox

  14. Hey Girl, I already won a wonderful copy of your book, plus, you're other book for my grandies, so ya don't have to toss my name in the hat. Just coming by to say "hell-----oooo" and hope you've had a great week.

    I went over to your other site and have become a follower, so when the next round of children's book comes around, I'm in!!

    No hint of Fall around here...still hotter than hell and we see no respite in site. Luckily, we're not as bad off as the folks in eastern TX...they're really having a bad time and no rain...just muggy!! Bleh!! (:(~~~~~

    Need to run...making a plethora of beans for the fam and have other goodies cooking up in the ol' cocina!!


  15. Thank you, Lori! The dolls are made from sculpey - the ultra lite one, which is easy peasy to use. You should try it! I do hope I find my wedding ring. I take it off when I am doing art, and I always put it in a 'safe' place. So far, all my safe places are turning up nil. But I am going to look very carefully for it. Usually, when I give up altogether, I find it. :) Thanks for looking at the writing blog! xo

  16. Hi Georgina! Thank you! The other authors I blog with have some really amazing books under their respective belts, so definitely come back in October! I made burritos yesterday, so we are on the same wavelength. Beans!! Muggy is not fun. I hope it cools off soon there. xo!

  17. Maybe the ring isn't in the bedroom...hmmm...
    You will find it whan you are no longer looking for it.

  18. Pam, Rosalind seriously needs decaf!! I love her...both of them! How could you find time to do them with your busy summer?

    I'll hop on over to the other blog to put my comment in :)
    I kept my copy and would love to give one away. I love it a lot!!

    Yay for fall soon to be here!


  19. Love your newest little dolls but Lola does kinda scare me. I would keep my eye on her if I were you. I think she knows where your ring is!
    I'm STILL sitting in front of the air-conditioner! Hit 90 again today. Grrrrr
    Sigh...I'm off to leave a comment on Pencil Tips!
    XOXO - Cindi

  20. I love Lola! Thanks for the ear-worm though. Now I'll be singin' that all day.

  21. Hi Patricia! You are so right. That is exactly what will happen. I haven't lost it. I know I put it somewhere safe. lol! At least I am tidying a little bit while I look! :) xo

  22. Hi Lo! Rosalind is what I feel like most days - haha! I have doll parts strewn over about 3 different tables. Every now and then I finish one. :)) Thanks so much for visiting the blog! xo

  23. Hi Cindi! Holy cow.90 still? That is just awful. And you might be on to something with Rosalind. ;) Thanks for visiting PT, and please give little Rosie a treat from me! xo

  24. Jan - I am sorry about the ear worm - lol! Hope you're making progress on the Great Purge. I'm not moving as quickly as I had hoped on mine. Baby steps, right? :) xo

  25. no idea how you do it...but oh my!!! wow!!! is all I can say...these are fantastic!!!

  26. I see you are still finding time for creativity in the midst of your family doings. Good! Hope you have found your ring by now and that you are having perfect weather.

  27. It's in the thing in the bathroom! Go and take a look. I hope you find your wedding ring. That's a bummer that you lost it. Hope it turns up while you are moving stuff around. Oh girl, I just love your dolls. They are such a delight! How awesome are they all. Such personality and I really need to purchase one and soon. Don't I understand about having to use a crowbar to get those babies out of the front of those dang XBOXES!!!!!! Oh it drives me crazy. My little one, who ain't so little anymore can only play on the weekends now that school is in session. I have to watch her closely cause she will come up with all kind of excuses as to why she needs to play he hehe he he. Thanks so much for stopping by and I am going to run for cover for tomorrow the storm cometh. Best to you.

  28. A hint of fall????Its about 100 degrees today..ugh..Well it looks as though Rosalind and Lola are enjoying the fall breeze as well..thier happy faces make me smile smile smile!!Hugs,Cat

  29. Sometimes we just have too much stuff.........
    Here fall is nearly on our doorsteps . all of a sudden you can almost feel it. Hmmm not my favorite season...... But I will try to make the best of it.
    I have had a very busy summer as well. And today we started a small renovation......weeks of mess ahead of me. At this moment I can't do much but in a while I will have to paint the toilet kitchen etc....... I look forward to that.
    I have been away most of July.
    The kids start school tomorrow.
    Love your new creations Pam!
    The little ghost is just too cute just like the little zombie carrot was!

    Enjoy fall♥


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