Monday, June 13, 2011

A new doll and a Barbie update...

I've been working on a new kind of skelly doll. This is Lurline.
Lurline is made from sculpey. I made all her bones separately and then tied them together with embroidery thread and a little glass bead. I have to say, I have fallen in love with her, so I'm going to keep this one. Besides, I need to have her around to help me tweak the design some.
I had this great black fabric from the 'after Halloween' sale at JoAnns. Igor and I rediscovered it while tidying the lab.
I shaded her face with colored pencils and then gave all her little bones a crackle finish. Before I tied them together, I gave each bone (and her head) several coats of matte varnish (except for her teeth, I used gloss on those so they would shine!). She has glass bead eyes for sparkle. I decided she needed some kind of hat, so I hand-stitched one from felt and black glass beads. Of course, she needed a necklace. I'm going to be making some of these for my etsy shop. I think they would look great sitting next to a Halloween pumpkin, or maybe I should put a loop on her back so she can hang from a Halloween tree?

Speaking of hanging around, here's Barbie lounging in a teacup. She's wearing her special 'beauty mask'. (Shhhh, don't tell her it's really gesso!) I'm telling you, Barbie is VERY different from this picture now. She is scaring me. I can't wait to scare you, too.

Have a fabulous week! (And remember, gesso is NOT a beauty mask! Unless you are a Barbie...)


  1. OH OH OH!!!!!
    I love your little skellie~~how SWEET, how DARLING, how danged TALENTED you are.
    If you saw my face this morning my dear, believe me, you would recommend the gesso mask....several coats....
    ROCK ON!


  2. Pam, she is FABULOUS!!! Yes, you should keep her. Her face, her dress, her hat, her eyes, her teeth, the individial bones....everything about her is just great!! You make wonderful skellies, Pam. It will be fun to see more that you make for etsy.
    I hope you've had a touch of rain by now. We've had several small storms and the rain was SO welcome. If the entire summer is this hot, I might have to think about moving somewhere waaaayyyyy North!!!!
    Thanks for all your visits, Pam. It has been a hectic Spring around here. I'll do better with visits in the future.
    Stay cool, miss skelly lady!!
    ♥ audrey

  3. I love your new Skelly. I wouldn't be able to part with her either. She's fabulous to the nth degree. What do you mean gesso isn't a face mask? I use it on all my wee ones.

  4. LURLINE is lovely.
    Barbie is already
    scaring me, but
    then she does...

  5. I'm in love with your skelly! She's just wonderful and I understand why you want to keep her! I look forward to seeing the ones that will make their way into your shop and I may have to save up for one!

  6. Pam, as usual, you have a weener there...lovin' that cutie skelly. I know what you mean about keeping stuff for yourself...I do it all the time...they just love us and want to stay with us, like children...oey.

    Hey, come on over to my blog...having a giveaway..try your luck. Have a great week.


  7. Pam, skelly is just awesome. It must be a lot of fun working with clay. I have to learn this. Great work Pam, always of course.

  8. Luuuuuuurrrrliiiiiiiiiine. Oh, how I love that name! Fantastic crackle to her complexion. I wish my crackles and lines looked that good. And she has a gorgeous ensemble. She's all made up and needs some place to go. Man, oh man, Pam! Love all her joints! I'm speaking anatomically, of course.

    OMG, who knew Barbie could look like a Greek status with just a coat of gesso! Can't wait to see the final result. You're going to send more than one person to therapy, I'm sure. :D

  9. dear pam, i was SO glad to hear that you were going to keep lurline for your own. sometimes you just have to. maybe she will end up being your travel companion too!
    barbie IS scary!

  10. She is a cutie!!!
    Wonder what you will do with that Barbie!
    Have fun with this new creations!

  11. I swear you are turning me into a skelly fan!

    Look at sweet Lurline, OMG! Everything about her is fantabulous. I'll bet people will copy you as soon as they see Lurline's cousins arrive on Etsy!

    You're something else pam!


  12. Honey, at my age, Gesso might be just the thing before I put on my makeup.

    I love Lurline! Especially the effect of her black bead eyes. :~)

  13. the crackle finish makes it. and i love the way you did her nose. I cannot believe how much you DO in that small creative space. amazing artist.

  14. LOVE LOVE LOVE Lurline!
    and yes PLEASE make more!!!

    Barbie looks like something from "CSI" or "Criminal Minds" I'm starting to worry!
    LOL! - Cindi

  15. Lurline is lurvly!!
    I just hope Barbie comes out the good after her treatments. ;-0
    I can hardly wait to see!!

  16. How do you part with any of your cool creations? :)

  17. It takes guts to paint over Barbie! LOL! How many times when I was little did I want to repaint her face! I love what Jan, said above!!!
    Pam, your little Lurline, is adorable. I find it difficult to work with sculpey, but then again, I think, when I'm a real artist I'll use it all the time! (sigh!)
    Catching up, with hugs,

  18. Oh Pam! I love Lurline! I WANT LURLINE!!! Please let me know if you make another, pretty please.

    And I love your Barbie the way she is, she's plenty spooky already, can't wait to see the full reveal!

    Hehe! That looks like Gene Simmons peering over her shoulder, you can't get much creepier than that. ;)

    I'm up and down over here ... I may be selling my dad's car this weekend and I'm of two minds. That's one more huge part of daddy gone - he loved his cars and he was a man of the road. He couldn't wait to get in his car and go schmooze with his cronies and play a round of golf. WAH! It's all so very hard. :(

    Hope all is well at your end! Drop me a line with your latest when you're able.

    Sally xoxoxo

  19. Lurline is amazing. She is Lurvly. Such wonderful detail you put into your work, Pam. I am sure you have another winner here. Well done!

  20. Lurline is precious in her own bony way. You've given her a personality that touches the heart. Love your work! I'm excited to see your next bony girl.

  21. Tidying up the lab!!! HA! Oh how I have missed visiting you! Lurline is a delight! Me loves her wee feet. You have been a busy little lab worker. Oh Barbie. Oh dear oh dear oh dear.
    **kisskiss** Deb


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