Sunday, May 22, 2011

Graduation and National Collapse Day

Graduation was bittersweet. Another chick grown and ready to leave the nest. We are so proud of him. Watching him walk across the stage (as a tiny dot) at the Comcast Center was amazing.

Here is Alex then.

Here is Alex now.

Congratulations, to our Biology AND Foreign Language major (he got a second bachelor's in Spanish). How he did this I have no idea. I barely made it to my B.A. Alex will be moving to Madrid to teach English for a year before deciding on the next phase of his life.

Since it is National Collapse Day, I will be signing off for the day to enjoy being a proud mama hen. I plan on puttering around. Perhaps I will pull a weed or two. Write a sentence. Draw a skelly. I might try and go to a movie today, if I can muster the energy. Happy Sunday, all!


  1. How wonderful to see your son at his Graduation - and he has done so well, to manage two Batchelor Degrees at the same time!
    He was certainly a gorgeous little lad - but he's grown into an equally gorgeous big lad!
    Congratulations to you and to your clever, handsome son!

    I am about to join you, in National Collapse Day. I have had two or three weeks of non-stop busy, finishing with teaching all day yesterday - a Sock Monkeys workshop day for 9-15 year-olds. I certainly need a good rest and Collapse sounds like such a good idea (especially as we just went to the garden centre, bought some nice plants for the empty bed in the garden, then discovered that the soil in that bed is like concrete... 40 small plants took a huge amount of planting today!)
    Don't think I will draw any skellies today though.. a good book is more appealing, as I've had enough from drawing monkeys!

  2. you are doing what i am doing pam, and yay us.

    since we are leaving some empty space where there ususally is none, i wonder what might come along?

    your alex is going to spain? i'll bet that means a trip for his parents too, sooner or later. teaching in spain: my god, how proud you deserve to be of him! i can see the kindness in his face.

    triple ♥'s prudie1. love from prudie2

  3. Congrats to your son! You raised him right!

  4. What a doll! Then and now, the girls will fall in love with him in Madrid! And smart! He must have a smart mama :-).
    Enjoy your relaxing day! I get one today too. xoxo

  5. Congrats to your new grad! What a great job...going to Espana...he'll have to get used to the "lisp" there!! If I knew my relatives in Barcelona, I'd ask him to look them up, but I never met them!!

    You have fun today, dear Pam. You deserve it...after all, you've just put one of your chickies through college, just published another book, have your art career...whew, I think I need a rest now just thinking about all you've done...tired me out!! LOL

    Take care and don't forget to pat yourself on the back, you done good, girl!!


  6. Congrats to your Son!!

    I hope you enjoy your's beautiful over here and we are opening our pool today! YIPPEE!!!!


  7. Congratulations to Alex and to his parents. You must have done something right! Enjoy your day of relaxation.

  8. Congratulations, Alex! Wow! That's an impressive list of accomplishments! They grow up so fast..

  9. Well big CONGRATS to the mama hen who raised such a FINE chick! (and a good looking one too...)
    Can we have national collapse day tomorrow??? I'd like to join you and have way too much to finish up today! LOL!!!
    You must be so very proud....maybe that's why we have sun; Pam is beaming!!!

    P.S. I vote for the skelly and wine....yup!

  10. Congrats to Alex!
    And to his parents too, job well done!
    I totally understand the "bittersweet"- my youngest niece went to PROM last night and as we all took photos in yard, I could fell a lump forming in my throat!
    Where did my little sidekick go?
    Well ,Enjoy your day!
    Let us all know if you see that movie, and if it was any good! :)
    Take care, XOXO - Cindi

  11. Congrats to Alex and of course to you and your husband. Yay!! That's great Pam. Have a great week.

  12. WOOOHOOOOO! Congratulations to your fantastic and brainiac and wonderful and cutie patootie son!!!! Whoa, I'm so impressed! You must be so proud and happy. Congratulations!!!!!

    Aw man, I wish I had known it was National Collapse Day. Sure it's not Month?

  13. How fantastic Pam! you all deserve a big hug and pat on the back. Well done mama hen and baby (big boy) chick!
    I hope you did get the rest you so need!

  14. What a cutie! Congratulations to Alex, what an achievement! Hurray! And how wonderful to get to go and live in Spain for a year, lucky duckie! Lets go with him :)

    Drat! I didn't know it was National Collapse Day - how long until the next one rolls along?! Probably won't see another one in my lifetime, huh?! grumble grumble


    Happy Monday to you!
    Sally xoxoxo

    He might be bumping into Ollie....
    MADRID sounds so magical. FABU!!!

    and can we make that National Collapse
    Week, or Month, or ?????
    weary topangamaria

  16. Pam, congratulations to your Alex! Yep, they do grow up so fast! Wishing him luck on his new adventure to Spain (what an opportunity!)

    National Collapse Day? I think I have had National Collapse month.... :)




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