Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Have I been gone for a year? It feels like it. We had a fabulous time, and I am more tired now than I have been in a good long while.

We went south to say hello to Mickey and his friends. This is the first family vacation we have had in three years, and I was so excited that ALL the kids were coming (even those mature college types). If you have never been to Florida in the summer, or to Disney World, remember these things when you go:

Iced tea is your friend.
There are alien bugs afoot. Bring insect repellent.
Epcot has wine and margarita kiosks.
Fastpass everything, sending your best runner to the ride to obtain those passes (Go, Alex!!).
Bring comfortable shoes and band-aids for your blisters.
Limping is fine. You'll still make it to the ride. Eventually.
Forget the afternoon in Florida. Humans are supposed to be napping with the a/c on, or in a pool.

While I was gone, a couple of things happened.
Sophie worried herself sick about us.
I got published in Stuffed Magazine! Say hi to Marigold the Skelly Girl!

I have missed you all, and I will be around soon to say hi and catch up with each of you. Next week, on July 6th, I am having a blog giveaway. It is Frida Kahlo's birthday, and so my giveaway will be Frida related!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer time, summer time....

The last day of school for my youngest is today, and so it is officially the beginning of summer vacation! I am so happy to have a break from the school routine I could do a cartwheel (except I would break something important, I am sure!).

I received this lovely award from my friend Sarah at Cottage Garden Studios. She wants me to answer some questions about myself (GULP!).
1. What food could you not do without?

The first thing that popped into my head was chocolate, but I could live without it. I would pick watermelon, because it is the taste of summer, and my childhood. But let's be clear, I am NOT picking just one food. :)

2. What is your favorite scent?

I love the smell of lilacs, carnations, roses...so I would guess some floral scent like that.

3. What talent do you have that we don't know about?

Hahahaha! Oh, my, I have this desire to say something BAD, but I will resist that urge. Talents. Hmm. Does writing count? I am a children's writer, and I have 4 books published and 2 more coming out next year (one in winter and one in the spring). And that, my blogladytes, is what you call shameless self-promotion. Here's the UK cover of one of my books:

4. What actor makes you legs turn to jelly?

So many! Let's see: Tommy Lee Jones (because he is just the ultimate cowboy), Johnny Depp (bad boy with a cute smile), Jeff Bridges (I want him to live next door, he seems like he would be a great friend), Orlando Bloom (come on, he's adorable!), Will Smith (ditto). Okay, maybe that is enough for now.

5. What season makes your heart sing?

I love the fall, because the air is crisp, but not really cold, and the holidays are coming. I also forget that winter is coming, which I am not so very fond of, but in the fall, the light and the air are magical.

6. What is your favorite activity with your best buddy?

My best buddy is my DH, so I would have to say dinner and a movie, or a walk (which we need to do more of, btw).

7. Would you rather take a vacation with your critter or your family.

Family. I love my family - all of the kids are so interesting, and so much fun. Seriously, we are all nuts, and when we get together, the quips fly, and we all (except for the DH, who has a little trouble with our insanity) revert to our middle-school selves, except for Lucas, who doesn't have to revert, because he is still there.

8. If you were stranded on an beautiful mountain top for a year..what could you not do without?

My family. A camera and a good book. Drawing pad and pencils. Icy beverages served in attractive goblets. And food. Not just watermelon, either!

9. Tell us one hearts desire?

This is a hard one. I really have everything I need in life - so I guess my hearts desire is that all my kids live long and healthy lives. On a more immediate level, I would love a hot sports car. :)
10. Tell us one thing that just might shock us all!!

Shock you all? Holy cow. Well, hmm. I used to be a carnie in a traveling circus. I worked the ring toss game, and sometimes I took tickets for the "See the Three-Headed Goat" exhibit.
Are you shocked?

I hope so. I think I might have lied just a little bit on that last question.

Thank you, Sarah! Life is good!

Happy Beginning of Summer!

Friday, June 11, 2010

It's Spooky time again!

I wanted to thank everyone for their good wishes for my Mom. She is out of the hospital and back at home.

This month, the Spooky Time Jingles update will be on noon of June 13th. In addition to Halloween and Christmas, we are having a Holiday Hootenanny - come have a look at some fun patriotic treats!

Here are a few of my pieces (including my very first Uncle Sam ornie!).

I want to wish everyone a wonderful, safe and healthy weekend!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Two little paintings...

Hey all!

I'm sorry I haven't been visiting your blogs. Things have cropped up here at home. We had a minor family medical crisis (luckily nothing too serious) that is getting stirred in with end-of-school year events.

I will be back in force in few days. In the meantime, here are two small paintings I did over the weekend. One is called 'North Star' (or Polaris). I was marveling at the lovely night skies we've been having, and imagined my own goddess as the North Star. The other is Althea, a little sugar skull fairy. She is holding a candle because she travels around making sure all the Day of the Dead altar candles remain lit. Every year I grow more fond of this holiday and its associated traditions. I love the way families come together to honor those that have passed and to welcome their spirits back on All Souls Day. This year I am going to make a Day of the Dead altar with my daughter.
I hope everyone is having a fabulous week, and I will be back to visit you all in a couple of days.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Boo and some of her friends...

Is it Halloween yet? Boo thinks it is. She's invited a few friends over for a little partaay.

This is Horace. He will be the DJ for the evening.

This is Boo's best friend Meep. Can you tell she is the life of the party? No? Huh.
Joyce lives next door. She gets a little nervous before parties. When she gets nervous, she giggles.
Joyce has just spotted Horace, the DJ. I think it's love.
No party would be complete without Dusana and Cermaka. Those two can really dance.
Every party has a crasher. This is Mortimer. He just likes to hang around and soak up the atmosphere.
I think they are all having a good time. Boo has served libations, and, of course, candy. Horace just cued up the Monster Mash, and in a little while they will try and scare the neighbor kids. So what if it isn't Halloween yet? Practice makes perfect.