Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My darlin' Clementine...

Yesterday I spent hours playing with stains and crackle finish. As a result, I have dyed my fingernails black. Not completely, mind you. It's just an "eeew, that lady has dirty fingernails!" kind of look. And I have some lovely blotchy spots on the tips of my fingers. With crackle.

Today I am going out to eat lunch with my DH and my mom. What should I wear? It's hard to co-ordinate blotchy spots and black fingernails with my current wardrobe.

Well, at least I got little Clementine finished, and I am happy with the crackle finish on her and her little pumpkin. She's all ready for the Halloween party down at the graveyard.

I have more WIPs than I have finished projects, but lately I have been a mad scientist, crafting and crackling, and only occasionally cackling.

Off to scrub my hands or buy some gloves!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Never challenge your daughter to a 'Craft Off'

Because if she is like my daughter, she will kick your tail. This was supposed to be posted on Earth Day (not the day after the day after Earth Day), but life always has its own game plan, and mine got busy.

So yes, I challenged my daughter to make something from trash and recyclables. No real rules, only that we had to make it in one evening. Let's just say, about fifteen minutes in, I knew I was outgunned.

Here is her piece.

I love it and I am going to steal it and hang it on my wall (yes, I am, too, Caity, so get over it!). After all, it was made from MY trash and recyclables. Besides, you know what they say about possession.

And here is mine.

LOL! In my defense, I was making dinner at the same time (I was too, Caity, just be quiet!). It was a hard dinner, and I think it involved stirring. Stirring takes ALL of your concentration! Still, she is a sad little Recycle Princess. She gets very morose every time she looks over and sees that stunning little fishie.

Luckily we didn't put any money on this challenge. All I had to do was to admit clear and utter defeat. Okay! I admit it! I lost!!Here she is gloating over her obvious victory.

Poor little Recycle Princess. Sniff. She never made it to Queen. Well, maybe next year!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Strange friends...

I'm just popping in, and will do a longer letter later ('blog post' just wasn't as alliterative). I wanted to share some news!

Misty was wandering around the house, and made a friend. They both like dressing up, making clover chains and telling spooky stories. Sure they're a little different, but I think they just might become best friends.

Speaking of strange friends...

Hope you are all having a strange and wonderful week!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

I love art! I love Mitsy!

I won this fabulous little doll from Pattee, of Odd Dolls. The pictures I took don't do her justice. This little girl, named Mitsy, is so darn charming that I truly expect her to start humming, or maybe telling me about her day. What a gift art is, in all its forms. Here is something made from clay and ribbon and glass that will make me smile every single time I look at her! Isn't that amazing?

When I first got her, I carried her around in the palm of my hand, like a baby bird, and annoyed my family by asking them, "Isn't she cute?". They agreed, but didn't appreciate me asking multiple times. Seesh.

I hope the things I make have even one tenth of the effect on the people that get them as little Mitsy had on me. Thank you, Pattee!

And speaking of art, the lovely Dede of Brightest Blessings Wiccans, has given me an award about art. This means a lot to me, because even though I have always made things, to put them out there in the Universe, well, I was just a little terrified. So thank you, Dede, for thinking of me!

I want to pass this award on to any artist that comes here to read my blog - because I can't pick just one artist, or even ten, but mostly because I think all artists need a little pat on the back now and then.

Pattee has inspired me to try and make a little skelly doll to keep Mitsy company. Here is the WIP.
And here are a couple of other WIPs.

These guys are watching me work.

This weekend I am going to get some more art time if I have to lock myself in the bathroom to get it. I hope it doesn't come to that, the lighting in there is bad.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My own version of retail therapy...

I've been feeling a little stressed out lately. Part of that is work-related, and part of that is mom-related. Lest I forget, part of the stress is about what I want to be when I grow up. I'm pretty sure 99% of the women in the world can relate to me in one way or the other. (We won't talk about that 1%. We will wish her well and ask her to move away from us.)

So I did what I always do when I am stressed out, and can't think clearly. I went thrift shopping.

Here are some treasures from my last couple of thrift store rounds (What? I've been stressed a lot). Pardon my pictures, but I would have had to walk up two flights of stairs to get the tripod. I didn't. Either I am too stressed, or too lazy. Or both.

And last, but certainly not least....

YODA!!! For a buck! And he talks! He is such a comfort, because he says wise and non-stressful things!
I love him.

In summary, why do I like thrift shopping?
You never know what you are going to find.
Nothing costs much.
It occupies your mind, and sets it to a task.
Yoda is waiting for you in the toy bin.
'Nuff said.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday night and the rest of the class...

Friday night then:

Borrowing something to wear from your next-door neighbor, Nancy, because she has much nicer clothes.
Spending at least two hours putting on make-up and curling hair (burning fingers on electric rollers several times)
Going to a party or on a date
Coming home late and sneaking back into the house.

Friday night now:

Jeans and a t-shirt. Extra-large.
Cruising the internet to see if Dominoes or Pizza Hut has the better deal. Extra-large.
Kicking yourself for not Netflixing a better movie.
Trying to stay awake until 11pm because it is FRIDAY NIGHT for Pete's sake.

(But at least I am not burning my fingers on those flippin' rollers!)

Okay here is the rest of the class (there is an elf, too, but she is being very difficult):

Loretta - a cat with a definite history.

Vernon - a cat who knows Loretta's history.
Rosalia - she was voted Most Likely to Succeed in the Afterlife.

Fiorela - her parents were pirates. Arrrgh.

And last, but not least, Silvia, an aspiring romance novelist.

The skellies are headed to Spooky Time Jingles this coming Monday night, at midnight.
The cats and Silvia are headed to etsy.
I am headed to the phone, because Domino's has a special: $5.99 for a medium pizza!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I just finished a new crop of stuff. I love seeing them all together, it's like a strange class photo. Sometimes I feel a little guilty for having so much fun, but then I get over it. :)

Of course, in this graduating class, there are skellies.

This is Harley. He was a gearhead in his former life.
And this is Tansy. She is sweet and loves to giggle.
I'll post the rest of the class later. My family is surrounding me like a group of great white sharks. They seem to be hungry. I'd better make dinner before I become the main course.
Da dum. Da dum.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Sisterfriend Day!

Today is Sisterfriend Day. I am very lucky to have many sisterfriends. This makes me a happy little duck. It means I always have someone to laugh with, or complain to. I have interesting chats. I eavesdrop on even more interesting chats.

Sisterfriends make life joyful, fun and full. Thank you so much!

But what about boy friends (not boyfriends)? Maybe we need to have a Brotherfriend Day so they don't get their feelings hurt.

Have fun today NOT doing housework, and enjoying friends!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Get ready - National No Housework Day is coming!

Ces posted on her blog that April 7th is National No Housework Day. I think this might be my new favorite holiday. How can we decorate? Maybe a tree made from Bounty towels and Bounce dryer sheets. But I digress. A fabulous holiday is coming!! So put down the Pledge and the Swiffer and get ready to put your feet up for 24 hours (like I do housework every day - HAH!)!

Here is a robot that I have a crush on. I am inviting him/her to our celebration of No Housework Day. Watch this and you will see why.

Is it my imagination or does this Bot seem a little happy when he/she figures out how to fold each piece? I have a mountain of laundry for him/her to work on. Socks, undies, jeans! Think of the fun this little guy could have at my house! Ces has also declared April 7th as Sisterfriend Day. So while you are putting your feet up from No (None!) Housework call a friend and say hi. Or you can get the robot to call for you. That works, too.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter!

I took a drive around my neighborhood this morning, armed with my trusty box of Kleenex. Here are some of my favorite trees. Although I am sneezing, and the pollen is turning my car yellow, my heart is full. :) Happy Easter to everyone! I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow.

"April hath put a spirit of youth in everything." ~William Shakespeare