Monday, September 27, 2010

A sunrise and two spooky dolls

Remember when I said one of the only good things about getting up early is catching a sunrise?
I caught one.
Right outside my front door. To infinity and beyond! I wish I had a personal spaceship. You know, like in the Jetsons, where I could hop in, sail up to these clouds, keep going, and stop at the moon for light refreshments.

Sigh. And I want Rosie the Robot as long as I am fantasizing.

Back to Earth. I've made a couple of spooky plush dolls that I will be putting in my etsy shop this week (making things isn't hard, posting them in my shop is!).

This is Elizabeth.
She comes with her very own pumpkin.

Elizabeth is terribly excited about Halloween. You can tell just by looking at her.

This is Posey.
Posey comes with her very own zombie bunny. Posey can't decide if she is a witch or a gypsy, so she is going to be both.
Trick or treat!

P.S. I haven't forgotten about having another giveaway. I am just waiting for October to get here!


  1. That sky is GORGEOUS!!!!
    Love the dollies, and a Zombie Bunny? Ooooooo....I wants a Zombie Bunny!
    Cool work Pam--as always!


  2. Beautiful sunrises! Sometimes I look out the window and see the most delicious sherbet-y pinks, so much fun!

    I love Elizabeth and Posey! I especially love that they have companion pieces - fun squared! :)

    I have to think about dinner and I'd rather just forget the whole thing. WAH!

    Did I tell you we're roasting over here? I think they said one more degree and we tie with the hottest 9/27 ever and two more degrees and we beat the hottest 9/27 ever here. Holy smokes! YIPES!

    Sally xoxoxo

  3. Okay, okay, the dolls are even better than the sunrise and make me smile more!

  4. Hi Anne! Everyone should have a zombie bunny. Especially at Halloween. :) I thought of you when I took those pics - wandering into my front yard in my jammies. :)

  5. Sally - you guys made the news here! I cannot believe it was 113 degrees in LA. That is incredible. And not very much fun. How how did it get on the coast? I heard that San Diego was at 103. That is crazy weather!!

  6. Hi Autumn! Aw, thank you! I'm happy they made you smile. :)

  7. Posey is great! A gypsy witch, love her! Getting up early isn't so bad, look at all of the beauty, peace and quiet you will experience. I agree making is easy, listing isn't. Wishing you a tranquil day!


  8. Hi Dede! Thank you! And I do love the mornings, before the chaos of the day. We get some spectacular sunrises/sunsets here. A little reward for getting up and at 'em. ;))

  9. Hi Pam! I get up early too I try and get coffee before the crew wakes up. I need that time to compose. Loving the Spooky newbies! :)

  10. Pam, As always wonderful dollies! So cute that Posey comes with her own Zombie Bunny and Elizabeth comes with her own pumpkin.
    That sky is BEAUTIFUL, makes it almost worth getting up at sunrise. xoxo

  11. Hi Pam!
    It was 103 in Santa Monica too! Can you believe it?! They said it was cooler at the beach but you only had to go a few blocks inland and it was 103!!! Holy mackerel! And 113 is insane. Bonkers. There's cloud cover today so it's supposed to drop a bit - to 100. But with that comes the humidity. blech blech blech. Like being tortured.
    Happy happy Tuesday to you, wishing you fun in your crafty room!
    Sally xoxoxo

  12. I LOVE the third sky photo! May I join you in the spaceship? It does have A/C, yes? I am madly in love with Elizabeth! What a beautiful dress, and I adore how her arms button on. I need a zombie bunny. **blows kisses** Deb

  13. Pam, your sunrise images are gorgeous! The one other thing I really like about early mornings
    is the stillness - except for the birds. Love it!

    Posey and Elizabeth are wonderful! Such personality! Of the two, Elizabeth is my fave, what a character! *smiles*



  14. Fortunately for all of us October is close at hand. The third twirly sky picture reminds me of a song I'm obsessed with lately ... this
    acoustical trio The Living Sisters did their
    version of David Bowie's Spaceman that floats you to outer space land !

  15. Beautiful shots of the Dawn...... sigh...

    Need I say more? FAANTAASTIC!!!!!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  16. Oh Pam those are great..the dolls and photos..Love them..we had 50's here over niht been awesome two days..Love ya lady xoxox

  17. Becca - isn't that the best? A cup of coffee in the morning before the day starts. I bet you are the best mom ever. :)

  18. Hi Annie! thank you! I love sunrises, I am just not one of those people that springs out of bed in the morning. I am more like one of those people that crawl to Mr. Coffee, wishing I was back in my bed. ;)

  19. Sally - those temps are just incredible. I know you guys must be having blackouts. Are they doing the rolling brownout thing? I know you will be very happy when this little weather phenom is well behind you. We are getting rained on today, but I am not complaining at all! :)

  20. Hi Deb! Of course you can! It is equipped with a/c and a robot that will serve us WW approved snacks and the occasional cocktail. :) Thank you about Elizabeth. I really had fun making her. Some of them I really want to hang on to. But I'm not! lol!

  21. Thank you, Sue! We have spectacular sunrises/sunsets. Sometimes I know one is coming because all of a sudden the house is filled with a pink glow. We are lucky to have lots and lots of windows in this house. Thinking of you! xox

  22. Hi Maria! Should I send you and Sally ice cubes? What a week you in CA have had. It is time for cooler, lovely Fall So Cal to kick back in. Enough!!! As for the Living Sisters, you are the second person to mention this, so I am going to go watch. :)

  23. Robin! lol! I get the feeling I should make a zombie bunny or two. haha! Thank you!

  24. Hi Sonia! Back atcha! I'm glad you are having normal weather! YAY! And thank you about the dolls. I am having so much fun making them. I love your orphans!! (I keep saying this!)

  25. Hi Pam!
    I will speak up for Maria and myself - yes please, lots of icy things would be appreciated over here. I just had a memory of those gross tubes of sugary liquid (they probably said it was juice but I don't think this stuff existed in nature) that you'd freeze from when we were little - do you remember those??? What were they called?!
    Oh! And do you remember those plastic ball things you'd put ice cream in and then insert it on top of your soda bottle?! So you'd have a float! So funny. (I'm having my own trip down memory lane teehee)
    Happy happy humperoonie day!
    Sally xooxox

  26. Cool cool cool! I got a big kick out of that beautiful little girl on Elizabeth's dress. Eeek, so frightening! Hahaha Love your dollies with friends!

    Jane, stop this crazy thing!

  27. I love them both but I'm kinda partial to Elizabeth. But then again, that little zombie bunny...I can't decide! Both are fantastic!

    Somehow I miss those sunrises! I'm up and it's dark but it must happen while I'm getting ready for work because it's light when I leave.
    Guess I'll have to stop for a moment and look outside! Those are BEAUTIFUL photos! Hmmmm, I better stop for a second and see what I'm missing!
    XOXO - Cindi


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