Sunday, September 5, 2010

Someone flipped on the Time Accelerator...

So I want someone out there to switch it OFF. Surely one of you lovely people can find the button. If you don't, I am telling you - tomorrow it will be 2011! It must be there somewhere - look next to the "Make Pam feel as old as dirt by noticing new wrinkles every morning" lever. That one is stuck, so don't bother.

I feel like someone is dragging me into the future, and I am digging my heels in hard, and all I am getting for my effort is worn-out shoes.

I think it's time for a little relaxation.

Deep breathing. Chant my mantra. Watch the birdies in the trees.

Now I feel much better.

I have, as usual, bitten off far, far more than I can possibly chew. Something is going to have to give, and I am really hoping it is not my sanity.

The holidays are coming. Can you hear the drumbeat? Mine says "You're not ready, you're not ready!". Or maybe it's just laughing, it's hard to tell with drumbeats.

I am writing a lot lately. When I am not writing, I am sewing. When I am not sewing, I am cooking, or doing laundry, or running errands or staring vacantly off into space trying to remember what I should be doing. Sound familiar? That's because we are all too busy.

Since you are taking a little break from your equally hectic life by visiting me, let me share some WIPs and some sneak peeks at holiday plushies. Maybe they will help put you in a holiday frame of mind (not the drumbeat kind, but the ho-ho-ho kind).


  1. I love them! My favorite is the one on the top left. :D

  2. ch ch ch ch christmasssss?

    Last night I was TRYING to make a witch and I was getting so FRUSTRATED that I thought- dammit what is my problem?! Why am I EVEN trying to make this stupid witch when I have a million other projects HALF done!
    So I decided. I will only:
    A. work on photos and descriptions for my VINTAGE shop and
    B. also work on my pet related items for my OTHER shop and
    C. Stop trying to make art dolls.
    This morning I took photos of some of my vintage and did a little bit of editing, started cleaning the house and then took a break to check my fav blogs and look at some more Halloween dolls........sigh.
    I feel like I'm in a sinking boat and I'm baling out water as fast as I can! (but I only have a coffee mug to use! LOL!)

  3. I really thought you were talking about me! I'm still not done with Halloween and Christmas is screaming at the top of it's lungs in my ear! The fact that you've started on the winter holidays puts you above and beyond and on a sparkly yet spooky pedestal. I'll slowly follow in your footsteps...eventually.

  4. I just told my sister today that I feel like I am on a Merry-Go-Round and I can't jump off! I will be drinking more coffee than usual over the next month (I will probably rust all my pipes) but if it helps me get through all the hectic stuff, so be it!

    I love all the new sweetness you have created!

  5. I love you little people!
    Don't forget to sit back and listen...
    maybe the birdies have the answer.

  6. Pam, you made me laugh, again :-). I love all your dollies, they all have your lovely snese of humor. xoxo

  7. Pam, thanks for the chuckle this morning. Time moves much too fast for my liking as well but I must say you have been very productive. Your little dollies are just precious!

  8. Dear Pammeee.... although our lives are so different in so many ways, we are alike when it comes to the BIG things....trying to find that KEY to inner peace and happiness and bringing joy and love to as many as we can....
    The Future (2011) is a comin' - not much we can do - except to celebrate what's left of 2010....soon, our FAVOURITE time will be here....Halloween! For most of 2010, I have struggled emotionally - the worst year of my life....EXCEPT I met Renee, and all of wonderful blogging friends....knowing you has helped me continue to get on with my life and get over my Ex....
    Sometimes, I look over at Enid (who hangs out with my assorted "Gang of Plushies"...and I smile... you are always an inspiration to me....I love everything you do - and how you do it!

    Big Hugs,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  9. You truly have been very busy! Love them all! Time is moving to quickly for me as well. I feel at times I am just spinning my wheels and getting no where. At least I don't feel alone. LOL Wishing you a feeling of accomplishment day!


  10. Girl, I feel your pain, but I learned years ago to say "NO!" I suppose that's due to the fact my youngest is autistic and because of that, I had to back off of a lot of things, but now, it's become part of my personality...NO, NO, NO!!! LOL

    I love your little darlings...of course, everything you do is just too them all!!! I'm furiously getting ready for that gallery show in Phoenix and I'm facing a few obstacles, but need to put the ol' thinking cap on and do some serious critical thinking...if I can remember!!!!!

    Have a great week and remember, one foot in front of the other, one step at a time...that's all you can do, my friend; stumbling is allowed!! LOL


  11. Your little creatures just get better and better! Please take smaller bites, and chew well. Don't you have any roses to stop and smell? Smell them!

  12. Pam your new holiday plushies are adorable! Wow you are a busy woman~

    I know I've been digging my feet for some time now... but nope time keeps marching on as they say : )


  13. Pam, honey, I'm looking as hard as I can for the *OFF* or *REVERSE* button!!!
    I CAN'T FIND IT!!!! (damn...)
    But like you, I am in the throes of work, and at least we are able to accomplish SOMETHING as our brains slowly dribble away.....


  14. Awe, now they just plain make me happy! Love love love the snowman. He would melt out here.
    **kisskiss** Deb

  15. Those carrot orange schnozes are fabu !!!
    I'm screaming right along with ya.
    Trying to get something created but mostly
    just creating chaos, which is what i do best.

  16. prudie1, it is hard if not impossible to reconcile the woeful reality of your (my)overworked life with the joyful abandon of these wonderful dollies. they make me want to dance, sing even. they make me want to stop everything and play with them, invite them to tea, throw a pajama party.

    i am serious!

    what can i do to help my prudie1 friend slow down? my opinion has serious weight because i had a three week-plus vacation and i am now a vacation-mode scientist.

    i love you, pam. for whatever that's worth :)

  17. chick,
    i dig you! you are the "coolness"! and yeah, multi tasking is such a brain drain. your art babies and everything else is a vision of loveliness to my eyes! i a few weeks i will be getting your book! you know..... maybe it could be at the bookstore where i will be teaching???? hmmm....
    i heart you my friend....

  18. Athena - thank you! He's my favorite of the little snowmen I have made. It's the made gleam in his one big eye - lol! xox

    Cindi - Just put your witch away for a little while. Don't quit trying to make art dolls! I need someone to go crazy with! lol! It's such a busy time of year, I've had to just say 'Uncle' on a couple of things. I'll get to them when I can get to them. And let's just not clean our houses! Yay!! xox

  19. Jen - I am so far behind, you would laugh if you saw my work area. I really should take a picture of it. There are half-finished projects literally strewn across three tables. I have finished some pieces, but you know, NOW I have to take the pics, and edit them, and put them up on etsy. It all takes time. Oh, and my family and pets need constant feeding - imagine! :) xox!

    LuLu - lol! I know, me, too! Lemmee offff! :) And I am drinking so much coffee, it is keeping me up at night. I have to back off a little bit. Unless I can work 24 hours - ooooooh! haha. Thank you about the dolls - xox!

  20. Lisa - thank you! And I know you are right. The birdies do have the answers. One told me something very important the other day. He said "Stop trying to do everything!!!!". I am taking his advice. He gets extra seed in the feeder today. :) xox!

  21. Annie - thank you, sweet friend! I am happy to make you smile. Now please turn off the dang Time Accelerator! :)) Give Mr. B a scratch under his chin from me. xox

  22. Diva! So good to see you! Thank you about the gang. :) I think it is hard to find that balance, especially if you are creative at all. Obsession is right around the corner - lol! I am stepping back just a smidge, so I can enjoy this gorgeous almost fall weather we are having. xox!

  23. Robin - I know this has been a tough one for you. But I know how strong you are, I can hear it in your 'voice'. There are better days ahead for you, this I know with all my heart. I am so happy to have met you through Renee and KJ! And I am happy to hear that Enid is doing her job, and making you smile. :) Xox!

  24. Dede - lol! Yes, there is great comfort in knowing there are other people frantically stitching and painting and sculpting! :) I am happy to think of the holidays coming, and the cooler weather, and all the loveliness that goes with it. I can't wait to see what you have been up to! Say hello to your chickens for me - xox!

  25. Georgina! LOL! Yes, I have to attend your next "NO!!!!" seminar. Please send me the info and I will register - haha. I am so happy about your show coming up. Be sure to take lots and lots of pics of everything! It's very exciting! :) Thank you about the dolls. And not to worry, I excel at stumbling, i have the bruises to prove it! xox

  26. Jan - all of my roses died because I forgot to water them - kidding. :) I know you are absolutely right. And this is my favorite time of year - I don't want it to WOOSH by in a blur. So I will definitely be stopping to smell the neighbor's roses today. ;) xox!

  27. Hi Pattee! Thank you, my friend. :) I am busy, but you know, I made my own bed this time, so to speak. I just have to slow down a little, so I can enjoy the process, which I do enjoy very much. I hope you are getting some creating time yourself! xox!

  28. Anne - lol! I was really counting on you turning that dang thing off! As for brain dribble, I have tried corking mine, with little success. :) We will both feel better when our 'have to do' list shortens, and our 'get to play' list comes out of mothballs. I miss you here in Blog World! xox

  29. Hi Deb! Thank you! They are wacky like me, eh? :) I hope it cools off a little for you there. And I really hope the humidity is gone for all of us! xox

  30. ACK! Blogger is eating my comments, so I will be back later, when my blood pressure goes down. Curse you, Blogger!!!!

  31. Hi Maria! I'm with you, sista. Let's create some chaos. Hopefully they'll let us draw and write in jail - haha. :) xox!

  32. Kj - it is worth the world! :)) And I have slowed down, and I am taking stock of things, and enjoying the cooler weather. And writing! And making wacky snowmen! Life, she is good! xox!

  33. Hi Connie! I heart you, too! And thank you for all you do, art-cheerleading-wise. I am coming over to visit and see what you have been up to! xox!

  34. You made me laugh out loud when I read this.....especially when you mentioned staring into space trying to remember what you have to do next!!! LOL I just did that this morning .... I kept walking into by bedroom and forgetting what it was I was going in there mind was racing thinking of 7 different things at once. Never enough time I guess!!! Love your new pieces. You Rock Sista!!!

  35. You are so productive. I'm jealous! Love those guys with the noses, too cute!

  36. I hope someone finds the button too. I am getting sucked into the future reluctantly myself! But you, YOU, get so much done! You must be in a different time machine than mine. Mine seems to make me incapable of getting anything done! You will be fine. You make the holidays so special and I look forward to all of that deliciousness that you share with the world. You are talented and determined and you wouldn't be an artist if you weren't just a little off in the sane department.

    Have a great, long, slow, happy weekend!

  37. Which way did she go George, which way did she go...remember that cartoon? It's like you pushed the button, nothing happened so you push all at once and it gos crazy. Your little pretties are worth it.

    Be well

  38. OMG! No wonder you are tired. My fingers hurt just by looking at the amount of work that are in progress. I hope you put a thimble in EVERY finger. Obviously I am not a dool maker but I feel the the eye end of the needle digging into the tips of my fingers and now they are sore. Hope you find relaxation soon.

  39. Hi Cyndi! lol! Well, it's good to know I have company staring off into the distance. We can stand next to each other. ;)) Thank you about the dolls! xox

  40. Hi Lori! I think the word you are looking for is nuts - haha. I go through these 'cycles' where I sew like mad, or write like mad. Seems to be the way I work. Thank you!! xox

  41. Hi Marsha! You are so busy, and have so much on your plate, and you ALWAYS have something new to share with us (and dazzle!). I think you are right, we creative types are a little off-center. :) xox!

  42. Lisa - lol!! I do remember that cartoon. haha! And I feel exactly like that most of the time. Thank you so much for the lovely compliment - xox!

  43. Hey Ces! Well, I feel the same way when I look at your drawings. All that detail! I bet your eyes get tired. I have to come say howdy to you! Are you back in Blog World? xox!

  44. HAHAHA! I just read my comment above and said "dool" maker. Thank goodness, I did not say "drool".

    I am BAldie today.

    I am blogging but very slowly visiting. I sort of posted as stress release. Work is still very busy but that is the story for us until the holidays. We have majoy implementations. I am thankful I have a job. So many friends and new acquaintances from across the country are struggling. Very sad state of our country right now. TSUP! TSUP!!!

  45. hi prudie1. i'm here checking on your progress.

    it seems our dancecard is full, mostly with good things and good people but here and there there is sadness too. (i'm glad we have eachother to get through that part)

    so. are you calm?


  46. Just checkin...yep, still cute! That little black chihuahua constantly whispers to me, "Come back to bed, you'll feel better". **kisses** Deb

  47. Oh Pam, I sooooo feel the same way as you. I just want to scream, "stop the world I want to get off"! Not off permanently mind you, but just a teeny break!! So much going on in the past 2 months but I'll jot a note tomorrow (after STJ). I had serious Yoborobo withdrawls last month my friend.
    xoxo Kim

  48. Hi everyone! I am fine, just behind in blogging and everything else - haha! But I will be back here in a day or two.

    xox to all! :)

  49. yobo,
    i see you up in the "middle" of the night looking at my blog..... whats the matter my friend? cant sleep? or are you a late nighter?


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