Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lucas! And the giveaway winner is...

My youngest became a teenager yesterday.

Yep. I am officially as old as the sea. Maybe older, I'm not sure.

It seems like yesterday he was like this:

And now he is like this:

He's still as sweet and funny and kind as ever.
As a mom, I can't ask for more than that, right?
Happy birthday, Lucas!

And who won the giveaway? Where will Zador be living?

He will be going to live with Miss Val! Miss Val if you would email me and let me know your address, I will get Zador packed up and in the mail to you.

And because I love Halloween and Fall, I will be having another giveaway in a few days (I just have to make something!).
I hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Happy Birthday Lucas! He's a cutie then and now. I should say handsome! Teenager wow in a couple years I'll have one of those. Wishing you a wonderful weekend too!

  2. Happy Birthday to Lucas!!!!

    Congratz to Val!

    And Pam? If you are as old as the sea...what am I?
    My son is 20. And still as kind and smart and cute as the day I had him :)
    (I was a very old 25 back then)


  3. if you are as old as the sea i am your seaweed!

    and, i might add, damn proud of it!

    happy birthday sweet lucas. i love your mom...

  4. Pam, your "little" guy is turning into a very handsome young man. A belated Happy Birthday to him.

    Thank you so much for your supportive comment on my blog yesterday!



  5. Oh my teenager became an adult today and I wish he was still a teenager. Enjoy all the time you still have with him!

  6. Your boy is quite the handsome young man! Happy Birthday to him!!

    You spelled your winners name wrong, it is Miss JAN not VAL! No? okay, well congratulations to Miss Val, you lucky duck you!

  7. Becca - fasten your seatbelt! kidding. Your kids will be great teens. Mine weren't too bad, well, except for ONE or TWO (you know who you are!!!). haha! Have a great weekend - xo!

  8. Lisa! I am still older than you. You are just a cute little pond, or a puddle. I am the entire SEA! :)) But I like being the sea. I'm never bored. Happy weekend - xo!

  9. Hi kj! Aw, I love having you as my seaweed. Watch out for the jellyfish! xox!

  10. Hi Sue! Thank you - Lucas is a good kid. :) I'm sending you all good thoughts, my friend! xox!

  11. Jen - A happy birthday to him! This one has been a little hard, just because he is the last of 6 kids that I have watched become teenagers. Kind of a milestone of sorts, but a happy one. Bittersweet is the word I'm looking for! xox!

  12. Jan! LOL! You are too funny. :) More giveaways on the horizon! Thank you about Lucas! xox!

  13. LOL! Jan trying to sneak a goodie!!!
    Happy Birthday Lucas!
    A fine broth of a young man if ever there was one~~may he have many fun days ahead, filled with all the delights that life has to offer!
    (and mom too)
    And congrats to Miss Val, although all of us are being exceptionally polite and reeeeaally wanted to win.....heehee!


  14. Congratulations to Miss Val and Happy Birthday to Lucas!
    There is something very special about having sons. You will find as they get older they will be very protective of you.
    I hope you are having these cool breezes that we are, even though it is still really warm out there.
    Happy Saturday, Pam!
    ♥ audrey

  15. Happy Happy Birthday to Lucas! he looks like a funny, sweet boy. And with a mom like you, how can he not be?
    Congrats to Miss Val. I have to go mend my heart now that I lost Zador :-(. xoxo

  16. Happy Birthday Lucas!
    He was a cutie pie baby and he's still adorable! Boy, nothing like kids growing up to make a person feel old!
    My youngest niece is now learning to DRIVE and it was only YESTERDAY that I was buckling her into the backseat!
    I share your pain and happiness! You are right, it's Bittersweet. You might be as old as the sea, but hey, that's fluid and blue.
    I'm old as dirt. LOL!
    Oh, and Hey! C0NGRATS Val! You lucky girl!

  17. Pameee.....Lucas is an adorable young man....
    one can see the humour and intelligence behind those twinkling eyes of his! He has a wonderful Mum....YOU!

    Congratulations to Val! I know she will provide a warm welcome to Zador....

    Happy Autumnal Weekend, my friend!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  18. Oh no, I'm sorry to hear you are now older than the sea, that must make me a rock!! LOL I recall when my first born, now 34, became a teenager. All was wonderful the day before his birthday when suddenly, the following morning of his birth, there in the bed was a person that looked like my son, talked like my son, but wasn't. I looked around the room and outside his window for pods...thought they had grabbed him during the night while he innocently slumbered, but no pods. I then realized that Bill Cosby was right, the minute these wonderful creatures turn 13, they develop a bad case of "brain" damage and stay that way till they're at least 22!!! Well, I'm still waiting!!! LOL

    Congrats to the winner....I'm jealous, but I have 3 of your wonderful creations, so I won't pout for too long. Have a wonderful weekend and be good to yourself, you ol' sea salt mama!!


  19. I remember when my youngest turned 13 4 yrs ago. he is gonna be 18 in 6 months OMG!!! Ok thats when its Enjoy these last few years...xoxoxox

  20. Happy Birthday, Lucas!!!! Oh, that adorable smile, whatta charmer!

    And congrats to Miss Val! Lucky, lucky duck.

    Hey, by the way! My kid was reading Harry Potter, but she said it was quite boring. So I gave her The Last Burp of Mac McGerp, and she is giving it two big thumbs up! She loves it more than Harry Potter! :D And I'm not just telling you this so I can win your next giveaway...

    Okay, maybe I am.

  21. Happy Birthday Lucas! Oh Pam I know what you are going through. The last one of seven turned 14 in February. Time has sure flown by.....


  22. Hi Anne! Jan made me laugh! And we all try to be nice when SOMEONE ELSE wins our goody! haha! Happy Sunday! xox

  23. Hi Audrey! Aw, that is a lovely thing to look forward to. :) My kids are all very good-hearted folk, and I am lucky to know them. :) We are having actual RAIN today, Audrey! I can hardly believe it. I mean, it's not a hard rain, but it has been a very long time since we got any. AND, as a bonus, it is cooling off (for today!). I am a happy girl! xox

  24. Annie! Oh, no mending of hearts! Zador has many, many cousins. He comes from a very big litter (litter?) of vampire-rabbit-thingies. Never fear! Lucas is a gem. You would like him, I think. xox!

  25. Hi Dirt, I mean Cindi! hahaha! Yes, there is nothing like watching someone transform before your very eyes to mark the passing of Time. And it makes you feel like you are shrinking, too! lol! Everyone in this house is getting taller except me and the DH. ;) You have made me think about my clutter. I HAVE to get my studio area cleaned up. I have no work surface left! xox!

  26. Hi Robin! Thank you! He is developing a wicked sense of humor...the droll kind that catches you off-guard. I am very happy to see this new development, and I think I see it in his eyes when he was a wee one. :) Someone I know is having a birthday soon!! xox

  27. Thank you so much Pam! I can't wait to receive Zador!!! Happy birthday to your little man!

  28. Hi Pam!
    I'm so sorry to be tardy to the birthday party! Hope Lucas had the most terrifical funnest 13th bday EVER!!!

    Happy happy belated Birthday Lucas!

    At our house we believe in "birthday week" so keep the celebrating rolling along!

    And a big congrats to Miss Val on winning darling Zador! I hope he doesn't mesmerize her too much and bore a hole in her bwahahhahaha (yes it's another goofy day in WLA!)

    Hey! I always say I'm as old (or older) as dirt, so together we make mud. ;)

    Happy happy Sunday and continued bday fun for dear Lucas!

    Sally xooxox

  29. Cute photos. You realize, of course, that the Pacific is a lot older than the Atlantic (this is actually true), so when you say that you''re older than the sea, you really must specify which sea.

  30. You're welcome, Val! He's all packed up and ready to go! :)

  31. Hi Sally! Yes, we do that, too! Stretch it out as long as possible - lol! And the idea of us making mud is just too funny. Mud pies. haha! Have a great week! xo

  32. Hey Snow! Thank you! And the answer is the Pacific. Definitely. :)

  33. Hi Dede! I know, it is hard to see them fly out into the world. But it is exactly what is supposed to happen. Darn it. lol!! xox

  34. BELLA! PLEASE give your daughter the biggest hug from me. That is the nicest thing you could have said to me. I adore Harry, so of course, I would argue with her, and tell her to read it again, and stick with it, but I am flattered to pieces. Thank you for telling me! xox!!

  35. Sonia - I am going to tie bricks on his legs and hobble him so he will be here for a while. lol! You have that adorable grandbaby to spoil now. :) xox!

  36. Georgina! lol!! Yes, they change, and you just hunker down and hope for the best, and try not to irritate them too much. :) I can't wait to see the pics of all your new work - xox!

  37. What a cutie!
    LOL!! Man that is old.
    My youngest is 27, oh geesh, what does that make me? Older than old??
    That should make you feel a little better.
    Happy Birthday Lucas.
    Have a good one!!
    Congrats to Miss Val, you lucky Gal.

  38. Hi Marie! I have kids all over the place age-wise. It's nuts. lol! And you are a youngster, of this I am absolutely sure. :) We are both very young at heart, and I am downright immature. haha!
    You have a great week - xox!

  39. Happy happy Monday! Yum, mud pies! The ice cream kind, that is. :)

    Hey! It's supposed to be 107 in Downtown L.A. today. OUCH! That's toasty. Don't know what that translates to in WLA? Maybe 90??? I know it's hot, whatever it is. Hurray for the AC.

    I'm celebrating Banned Book Week on my blog - can you believe there are people who want Harry Potter banned?! Geez Louise. whisper whisper, whackadoodles, cough cough.

    Happy happy week to you!

    Sally xoxoxo
    P.S. is there any bday cake left? :)

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