Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Changing hats and other ramblings...

I've had to change hats these last two weeks and put on my writing cap. I have a deadline (this Wednesday) that I need to keep for the book to move forward on time.

Even though I hate them, I know that deadlines serve their purpose. Although just look at that word, it makes me nervous just to read it. Dead. Line. Eeek! Where in the heck did that word come from? I'm going to go look it up.

Here is what I found in Websters:

"a line drawn within or around a prison that a prisoner passes at the risk of being shot"

I dug around a little on the internet and found that it possibly originated during the Civil War. Prisoners in that war didn't always have prison buildings. They were often herded at gunpoint into a drawn boundary. There were two lines. A prisoner who stepped outside the inner boundary was warned/ordered to go back. But if you kept going, and stepped over the outer boundary, you were shot.

Interesting stuff, yes? And yet another example of how the internet keeps me from getting any work done.

So I am going back to my writing cubby now. I offer my heartfelt apology for not visiting your blogs and commenting. I will be back in force in a few days, and I am thinking it is just about time for a pre-Halloween giveaway! In the meantime, here are some pictures to get your mind off of that horrible D-word, and to remind you that my most favorite season (that being fall!) is just about here:

There are pots of mums sitting on my front and back steps. Soon there will be pumpkins!

The apples are ready for picking in Frederick, Maryland!
And this Mr. Sinister. He is hanging out over at Spooky Time Jingles with all the other sweet and spooky offerings from those wacky artists this month.


  1. Oh....Mr. Sinister is rather SWEET! I think he just hides behind the name because he is so lovable!!!
    DEADLINE.......I now know why I hate them so much! See, there is something to Jung and his view of a collective consciousness....that word is proof!
    Good luck sweetie! WRITE PAM, WRITE FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!! ;D


  2. Oh, I hate deadlines too and isn't that the perfect meaning for the word! I try really hard to never have one and when I do have a deadline I do one of two things, I either do it months early or I wait until the very last minute :-). Good luck! xoxo
    P.S. I am having a give away...

  3. I HATE deadlines! But I admit they are a necessary evil. Cute Skellie!

  4. That's very interesting, where that word came up. I can just picture it. Someone steps out of the line, doesn't listen and their dead meat. Hmmm, I wonder where dead meat came from. Tee Hee. You best continue with your "deadline" dear. :) Take care.

  5. Hi Pam! Cute Mr. Sin :) Very fun facts about deadlines. I'm not good with those. I knew you were writing. Write on sister! lol You've got to watch out for the internet it can suck you in and before you know it it's noon and ya got nothing done. I'd better go got to paint! :) Becca

  6. Luck luck luck with your writing, although with your talent, no luck is needed. **kisskiss** Deb

  7. Hi Pam! This necessary evil called the "internet" sucks me in on many mornings. It is so nice, though, to be able to click on "anything" and get the needed information.
    Good luck with your writing. It is hard to concentrate with so many outside interruptions. But, you can do it!! Beautiful country there in Maryland!!
    I am looking forward to FALL, too. My FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR! I think we are having pretty much the same weather as you. There has been a breeze almost every day for the last week. I LOVE IT!
    Have a GREAT writing day!
    ♥ audrey

  8. Happy Fall and hurry up so you can come back to us!!
    Have a great week.
    Love and hugs.

  9. Mr. SINISTER is not, what a giggle.
    So you've got
    a whole 24 hours left to your deadline.
    The daughter would recommeend a
    Red Bull buzz. SPEW SISTER spew !!!

  10. Pam, interesting info on the origin of "deadline". Sending you good wishes on meeting all yours (I'm with you btw on 'that' word LOL)

    Hope you have time to enjoy this fabulous weather (so refreshing after our hot, humid summer). ahhhhhh...deep breath - and smile!

    Mr. Sinister is great!



  11. Dead line...I hate those D words, like Die it, well you know what I mean.
    I agree about this Internet, it just sucks time away. I'm constantly on it, checking in on my Blogger friends! So what do I do? Start ANOTHER blog...I have a problem (internet addiction).
    Good Luck with the writing! I have to get back to work myself! (at my DAY job!) ....luckily I just learned how to erase my history!

  12. Hi Pam!!!
    I am so far behind with everything - two months of hubby being home and then my dad in the hospital, and I'm struggling to find some equilibrium and get back to my own schedule. WAH!
    You are so talented! You are so quiet about your writing - I can't wait to see your book in the store. whisper whisper if I send you a copy, will you autograph it for me? :) I am wishing you much good luck with your deadline - we don't want you to spend your days in the hoosegow!
    Missing you,
    Sally xooxoxo

  13. I was just popping in to see how you are doing and managing with all the craziness!! I am going to need a vaca after the show!


  14. Deadlines..yuck! But Pam will meet her deadline, liking it or not. Mr. Sinister is so cute! Looking forward to having you back with us! Wishing you a productive week!


  15. pam, mr. sinister's smile reveals his true intentions and, unfortunately, they are not sinister. :)

    so now i will never forget the origin of 'deadline.' dead. line. sigh....

    you know, pam, i do what you do. it's so easy to get distracted. and if i convince myself that it's 'research', well then off i go. but i know you will get this done. i know that for sure.

    later prudie1 alligator. breathe please.


  16. Hi Pam!

    Stopping by to cheer you on to meet your deadline! (I will not tempt you away from your writing nook with chocolate until tomorrow.)

    Happy Wednesday,

  17. Hello, all my sweet friends! I am so grateful to come here and see all your encouraging comments.

    Big XOXOXOX's all around!
    Be back soon!

  18. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. and i Love your books. They´re fantastics.
    I´m follying your blog.
    Follow our too.
    Thanks and continue to do a verry good working

  19. Pam Pam Pam! Aaah, girlfriend, you make me laugh with your witty writing. And I love being thrilled/excited/wee-bit-frightened by your fantastic plushies. I certainly WOULD love to see a book with your art and dolls and art-dolls in it! Fascinating word, deadline. I never knew about its origins. Good luck with the writing! Great to see you again!

  20. Yoohoo Pammie!

    Are you still among us?! Have you finished the task at hand? Do I need to send chocolate? :)

    Hoping all is well and that you're busy having creative crafty fun! Miss you!

    Sally xoxoxo


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