Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Friday - time to set some goals for the week!

Where did this week go? Monday was some sort of in-service day for teachers here, so forget about writing, or crafting, or even thinking straight with kids and dogs running in circles around you. Tuesday was a snow day (even though technically it was an ice day), so ditto on kids and dogs - except they were covered in slush. Yesterday was a 'delayed' opening. Basically that entire day consisted of me getting kids to the bus, only to have them return home five minutes later.

But I got a little work done. On the writing front, I came up with a new idea for a picture book. I spent some time reloading my novel's plot back into my head (it got knocked out by the holidays). I made two new plushies, and started work on a custom order that I will finish today and pop in the mail tomorrow.

Not bad, I guess. Still it seems like I should have done more. I guess that's the Type A personality lurking within. I'm not a true Type A though because I can walk by a sink full of dirty dishes straight to my laptop without even blinking. I think an A would stop and clean up a little. Maybe that should be next week's goal.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Things get complicated when...

I think it's a little like Pandora's box - this whole technology thing. I get one new techie thing in my life and everything else falls apart. It seems to me that my laptop tells my phone about my incompetence and then the phone rats on me to Tivo. Now the toaster is snickering at me.

How can I possibly keep up? I frustrate the heck out of all the tech-savvy people in my life because I am one of those poor souls that have to have things explained to them. EXPLAINED! I know, I am so ashamed. My learning curve is expanding at a frightening rate. But will I let that deter me? Heck no. I'm a writer...we're used to frightening things. Things like...finishing novels...submitting them to publishers...waiting entire lifetimes to hear back...getting rejected. So technology is just one more thing on my do-list! Do you hear me toaster????

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ah, the creative life...

I'm feeling so very brave! I am actually, finally starting a blog (I can feel my friends who have been blogging for years rolling their eyes). It feels a little like those oral book reports I hated so much in school - the ones where I wasn't supposed to look at my notes, and about two sentences in, I forgot who I was talking about, and had to look down, losing many many points and ruining my entire life. :) Anyway, I'm sure that the first post is the hardest, right? Please say yes.

Ok- so a little introduction. I'm a married mom of four, a children's author, a crafter and an artist (no particular order there, although I hope my children and husband notice I listed them first!). I live in rural Maryland with a bunch of pets, my long-suffering husband, and the two kids who have not yet flown the coop.

My books are here:

You can see my plushies here:

And soon my plushies will be here (February 13th) on SpookyTimeJingles:

I'm going to go make dinner for my crew. We're supposed to have sleeting, icky, freezing rain tonight - and so maybe there will be a SNOW DAY tomorrow! No school! WOOO HOOOOO!!